Netflix Canada vs Netflix USA -

Netflix Canada vs Netflix USA

For the longest time I thought Canadian Netflix and American were exactly the same. Boy was I wrong. According to my findings, not only does US Netflix have much better shows and movies – they have thousands of more shows and movies. Here’s the facts:

Netflix Canada – Roughly 4000 shows and movies.
Netflix USA – Over 10,000 shows and movies.

That’s right… American Netflix has 6000+ more shows than us up here in Canada! The two services may look identical at first glance, but the numbers say it all. American Netflix is incredibly better.ย This poses another question…

Why does American Netflix have better shows?

American Netflix has better shows due to one simple yet complicated idea. Contracts. Netflix has to make contracts with big media companies to get the rights to their shows and movies. Unfortunately for Netflix (and Canadians) they have a much harder time getting contracts for Canadian Netflix due to big media companies in Canada securing them.

Although I’m sure Netflix would love to get the contracts equal from border to border, it just isn’t that easy with billions of dollars worth of content being fought over. For now, Canadians are just stuck with the short end of the stick. Although… fortunately for us there’s a workaround. ๐Ÿ™‚

Is it possible for Canadians to get American Netflix up here in Canada?

Yes! It’s very easy to do.

Just click here to go to the homepage of my website for the guide! Watch the video I created and you’ll be on US Netflix in no time.

Is this legal? Could I get in trouble doing this?

Yes, this is legal. No, you will not get in trouble doing this. As far as I know, my guide is completely allowed by Netflix. I’ve been doing it myself for years now, without any issue or problem. So have 100,000s of Canadians and other Netflix watchers around the world. Netflix has no problem with people doing it, as they’re still paying for Netflix. As I said earlier, Netflix would love to make their service even all around the board but for the foreseeable future this is how it will have to be for us to get the good stuff! ๐Ÿ˜€

Awesome! What are some good shows on American Netflix?

Here’s a list by the Vancouver Sun of a lot of good shows on American Netflix.













Some other highly rated shows on American Netflix are:

  • The Office
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Many many others.

Hope you enjoy American Netflix and as always feel free to leave a comment down below if you need help! I’ll get back to you promptly.



Hi, I'm a 20 year old from Nova Scotia. I created this guide to help spread the word to more Canadians how easy it is to get American Netflix. If you need help leave a comment below, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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    • I’ve followed all the steps for loading but it just keeps cycling at the US when trying to change locations. Any suggestions?


      • Hey Chris, are you on PC? I’d recommend clearing your cache on your browser if you are. Or restarting your device completely.

        • Thanks, Jaxendale.

          I’m on Mac. i did empty the cache & restarted the Apple TV and now I’m able to use the US as a location. On Apple TV, I can see US services, but I’ve still only got Canadian Netflix! Any suggestions? Different DNS?

    • Can I change to US Netflix when I’ve created a
      Canadian account and been using it without creating a new account ?

      • Hey Jamil, sorry for the slow response. Yes, you can change to US Netflix on your Canadian account. (Even one you’ve been watching Canadian Netflix on forever) You do not need a US account to get US Netflix.

        You just need to sign up Blockless and follow the setup guide for your device!

    • I see that Netflix.CA has some content not available to US. Mostly indy stuff and subtitled content.
      Is it possible to switch back and forth with ease?

      • Hi Andy, yes you can. Simply login to Blockless and on the homepage when you’re logged in you’ll see a map of countries. Just select the country you want to switch to and it’ll switch automatically in a few minutes.

    • Hello, question – I have been accessing the canadian netflix for about a week. I’m accessing via a ps3 as well as 2 samsung blu ray players with wifi. Before I follow your steps, I just want to check if this will work for all 3 devices?

      Thank you for your assistance.


      • Hey there, sorry for the slow response. I’ve not been getting some notifications on this page. It definitely will work on your PS3. As for your blueray player, it depends on the model. Many blueray players have been having issues with US Netflix lately.

    • There are also lots of movies/shows you can’t get on usnetflix that you can only get on canada netflix. Works both ways. I use a Wii with multiple connections, one with US DNS and one with default DNS. So can switch back and forth from canada netflix and usnetflix.

      • Hey Joe, there’s definitely a good amount on both. Just more quality ones overall on American, in my opinion.

        You can always change back and forth easily on Blockless by logging into your account and clicking Canada on the map as well. It’ll change automatically in a few minutes after. There’s a few other countries you can check out that way as well like UK Netflix which has some UK only shows.

    • Hello, Is there a way to see the TV Series that are offered by the US Netflix prior to joining Blockless?

      • Hi, there used to be a really good site with a list. I’m trying to find another. If I find one I’ll post it here.

    • I am looking for the History channels or AHC,other science programs.Does the American Netflix,have those?

    • I moved back to Canada recently and I’m still paying for Netflix in the US.
      However I have noticed not ALL the programs available in Texas are available here in BC, so my question is, should I be getting the US full range of films in BC?