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How To Get American Netflix in Canada – Easy Setup Guide

Today I’m going to show you how to get American Netflix and every country’s Netflix in Canada. It’s easy to do and will unlock 8000 new shows on your Canadian Netflix account! :). Things have been really painful lately, StrongVPN is taking over Blockless in 2016.

How Do I Get American Netflix in Canada?

 To get US Netflix in Canada all you need is a StrongVPN account.

Click here to open StrongVPN in a new window. Create your account on their homepage.

After your account is created follow their setup guide for your device (Apple TV, Xbox, PS3, Wii, PC, Smart TV… whatever you use) then you’re done!

That’s all I need to get American Netflix?

Yep. That’s really all you need! Just a..

  • Canadian Netflix account.
  • StrongVPN account.
  • Few minutes to follow the setup guide.

What is StrongVPN?

StronVPN is a tool that will replace Blockless used by 10,000s of Canadians every month to get USA Netflix and other blocked services here in Canada. It’s very simple to setup, easy as putting 2 codes into your device’s settings.

Isn’t Netflix cracking down on these services? Is it safe to use?

Although it is true Netflix has started cracking down on similar services, StrongVPN does still work for many people and not only works for unblocking US Netflix, but also protect your privacy while surfing the Net.

How does StrongVPN get me US Netflix?

I know this can seem confusing, but here’s the most basic way to put it:

All Netflix accounts are the same. US, Canada, UK, any country! They’re all the same.

Netflix just determines which shows you get to watch based on where you’re connecting to Netflix from. (So that means even if you created your Netflix account in the US and came back to Canada, you would NOT have US Netflix)

This is where StrongVPN comes in – StrongVPN tricks Netflix into thinking you are connecting to them from the USA. This gives you full access to the Netflix USA content. Plus with StrongVPN you can switch to many other regions for even more shows & movies. To switch to another country’s Netflix, just follow the StrongVPN setup guides and select the country while logged into your account.

How do I know if I’m on American Netflix?

To know if you’re on American Netflix, search for the show “Sons of Anarchy” – if Sons of Anarchy shows up, you’re on American Netflix! It’s a pretty good series by the way, I recommend it. One of my favourite on US Netflix.


Can I switch back to Canadian Netflix?

Yep you can. StrongVPN lets you access almost every country’s version of Netflix in the world. You can change it back and forth in a few clicks while logged into their site.

Is this legal to do in Canada?

I’m not a lawyer and can’t give legal advice, but you can read this article by a Canadian Law Professor on the topic. It’s 100% legal to watch US Netflix according to him. Millions of Netflix users around the world use VPNs without putting their Netflix account at risk.

Is StrongVPN the best way to get US Netflix?

I used Blockless before StrongVPN to get US Netflix, I was doing it another way with random DNS numbers I found online. The problem with those is my Netflix connection would die every 3 days and they would only work on certain devices (like a PC). Blockless was a solid service but StrongVPN will now take over, Netflix just works. I haven’t had to touch anything after the initial set up which is great.

Strong VPN literally makes your life less stressful.

How do I get US Netflix again?

To get started watching American Netflix click here to open up StrongVPN. Create an account and just follow their simple setup guides for your device. Setup literally takes under 5 minutes per device, you’ll be on US Netflix in no time!

Did this guide help you?

If it did please consider sharing this website with other Canadians bv clicking the Share button below. This is something all Canadians should know about, as American Netflix is something we all deserve to watch. Feel free to leave a comment if you get stuck, I will do my best to help.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy American Netflix! 🙂



Hi, I'm a 20 year old from Nova Scotia. I created this guide to help spread the word to more Canadians how easy it is to get American Netflix. If you need help leave a comment below, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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    • Please leave a review down here after you’ve tried out Blockless and American Netflix to help others decide. If you need any help don’t hesitate to ask me in the live chat to the bottom right, or down here in the comments.

      • I have a desktop computer hooked up to an ethernet connection and a wireless laptop. I went through blockless
        on my desktop and now I pickup USnetflix on my desktop. It won’t show up on my laptop however. What process is needed for it to show on my laptop.

        • Hey Reyn, you’ll need to setup Blockless on your laptop by putting their DNS in your Network settings. Blockless has created guides for this process to make it very easy for you to do. Just login to your Blockless account, click “setup guide” at the top, “for a specific device” then choose Windows 7. (If you’re on Windows 7) or Mac, etc… and just follow the guide. That’s all there is to it.

    • Thank you for the help on the live chat!!! I had a problem at first but turns out I was entering ther wrong numbers. Thanks again for your help Jaxendale!! His guide actually works if anyone was wondering! 🙂

    • So once you’ve done the Blockless setup thing, then do you have to open a new US Netflix account? Can you do that with a Canadian credit card?

      • Hey Murray – nope! You do not need to open a new “US” Netflix account. Essentially all Netflix accounts are exactly the same. Canadian,US, UK – it doesn’t make a difference where you create your account.

        All that matters is where you’re connecting to Netflix to watch something. When you’re connecting to Netflix from Canada, Netflix sees that you’re Canadian and only gives you the Canadian content. But once you set up Blockless on your device – Blockless tricks Netflix into thinking you’re from the US, which unlocks all the US shows.

        So all you need is Blockless to get US Netflix. You can keep your current Netflix account and it’ll work just fine.

    • Every youtube one I find it out of date I just signed up to BL I hope it works great find out when 7 days ends. But I want to thank you for bring this to us….

      • Glad to have helped Rye. I used the free ones at first too. Was great until they stopped working every second day. The $5 a month is worth saving the hassle for me.

    • Hi, we have a Samsung Tv using Bell Fibe, We set up the Netflix as instructed, but are not getting all the movies/shows. We get a message saying “This Title is not available to watch instantly. Please try another title”, this happens numerous times, on Netflix US. I can get the Netflix US on my computer, so everything is there, but not on our TV. Any help? Thanks, Jackie

      • Hey Jackie, can you do a test for me? (So I can try to troubleshoot your issue) search “Battlestar” on Netflix (on your Samsung TV) and let me know if you see Battlestar Galactica (2003) and if the show works.

      • Hi, I can see battlestar, but I get the “message” This Title is not available to watch instantly. Please try another title. We are using a Samsung dvd player for Netflix, we also have a Samsung TV.

        • Hm. I’ve researched this error on Google and Blockless some. Did you follow the instructions on Blockless to setup on at least one computer? If you could log into Blockless, go back to the “Samsung TV” setup guide – at the very bottom you’ll see the paragraph explaining it. I’d recommend you do what they say there and let me know how it goes.

          • Hi, we set up two computers, both of which are working well. We did go to the setup guide, and reset the tv, should we have tried to reset the DVD? After blowing everything away we l recreated the tv settings. No change. We then went and set up the whole house network, thinking that maybe this work. No such luck. At one point we shut the router down and restarted it, but no change. We have no idea where to go next. Its as if Samsung has an imbedded country code somewhere, where we don’t know. We don’t even know if it is the TV or the DVD that is causing the problem. At one point we even tried to hard wire the tv then DVD from the router directly, but that didn’t do any good either. Hopefully you can come up with some help. thanks, Jackie

    • I already had a Canadian account but now can not access it and it asking me to renew for $7.99/mon. I did that about 2 weeks ago so sure do not want to have to pay again.

      • Hey Ann, so you’re saying you are a Netflix member but it’s making you sign in again? Just re-enter your Netflix information and it should let you in. This happens during setup sometimes.

    • Came on here and tried to follow the guide on my own but had some problems as I always do on computers but Jaxendale was a great help. Anyone else having issues, don’t hesitate to ask questions!

    • I wanted to select set-up for the house so it can be used on multiple devices. I was told to set up the router for the DNS sever fields with the values given. How do I do this on my router?

      • Hey Kellie, you can just follow Blockless’s individual setup guides for the multiple devices you’d like to set up on. (This usually is easier if you don’t know how to access your router settings). You can also follow Blockless’s guides for your router to set it up on your network, like they mentioned.

        To do this, login to Blockless and click “setup guides” on the top. Then click “For your whole house or network”, then click on whichever router you have on the list. Then follow the guide from there.

      • Blockless does work on both the PS4 and Xbox One. They should be adding those guides to their list very soon. Enjoy!

    • I have a couple of questions about the set up process…I changed the DNS settings on my PC and on my Wii…the Wii connected to the US Netflix fine for a day or so…now it won’t sign in to Netflix at all. I’ve checked the numbers which are still set correctly…I’ve started from scratch…and I’ve erased the changes in the Wii and tried changing the DNS settings in my D-Link router. Nothing is working at this point…I’m at a loss. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

      • Hey Mike, it may be that you just need an IP refresh on Blockless. Login to your Blockless account and see if you get a pop up at the top prompting you to refresh the IP. (And take note of how many checks you see at the top. For it to work on your PC, you should see all 3) Let me know.

        • Hey Jaxen, ok so here’s where I’m at. I have yet to see all three checks on my blockless account (probably problem #1)…I started with your setup steps, logged onto Blockless, and followed all the setups for my Wii and then for my PC…first night I get US content and both worked great. Next day PC is ok…Wii gives message “cannot connect to Netflix”, after checkingfor router or signal problems I figure its the DNS settings. Checked those, still good…may question marks above my head… So a little more research and some people say that the individual system settings didn’t work for them but the “entire Household” setup did. So then I set up both DNS numbers in my D-link router…still nothing on the Wii (PC is fine). then I thought that the Wii and D-link being set the same might be in conflict…so I put the Wii back like it was…reset EVERYTHING…and then boom…netflix is back….watched it for an hour…then it goes out again in the middle of a movie. Went through all those steps again…Netflix came back…finished my movie…2am went to bed…today, work…just got home…Aaaaaaaaand…no Netflix again. (and when i say no netflix, i mean no connecting with either…canadian or US.
          So my question is…….HELP….sorry for the yell…I’m sure your system works fine…and I will be more than glad to pay for it once the free trial is up…but I would like some help to get it to work and actually stay working.
          All that being said, there is one thing you should know that might be a factor…my Wii is softmoded…so the only thing I didn’t do, is after making the DNS changes to the Wii it wants to do a system update, which i cant let it do or the softmod goes out the window…thats the other reason I wanted to get the D-link router to work..
          Well…thats a lot…take your time to get back to me if you need to…and I appreciate any guidance you can provide.
          Mike Page

          • Hey Mike, I just read your two posts above. My first guess is that is has something to do with your softmod and you not doing the system update. Of course, you don’t want to do the update to keep your softmod. But you may have to if you want to see if that would fix it. All I can recommend now is that you contact Blockless directly here:

            And basically copy & paste your problem to them and send it off. They work with the Wii system directly to test their service (I do not have one) so they may have another idea for you to try out.

            Worst case you could always hook up your computer to your TV via an HDMI cable if it’s close to it. Hope this helps.

        • Oh sorry…one more thing. When I try to get to netflix on the PC now I get this message:

          “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.

          The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website’s address.

          Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.
          We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.
          Click here to close this webpage.
          Continue to this website (not recommended).
          More information

      • Hey Andy, create a Blockless account then go to the Setup Guides and choose “Windows 7” or whichever operating system you’re on. Blockless has a specific guide showing you how to do it step by step.

    • Thanks for this awesome service! It’s so easy to use and it literally took like 3 minutes to get everything going. I’ve got it on my laptop, android phone and smart TV!! Thank you 🙂

    • Hey, just to clarify. If I already have a Canadian Netflix account do I need to do this and then get a separate american one? Also, would blockless work on a tablet?

      • Hey Natanel, you do not need to get a seperate “american” account. There is absolutely no difference between a Netflix account made in Canada and one made in America. (If you created your Netflix account in the USA and traveled to Canada and went on Netflix, you’d get Canadian Netflix)

        Netflix only judges what content they show you based on where you’re connecting from. Blockless makes Netflix think you’re connecting to them from the USA which grants you access to the US Netflix content.

        And yep, Blockless does work on several tablets!

    • JaxenDale was able to help me with some problems I encountered, and I now have american netflix! I searched for a documentary that I know is only available on American and it is now available on my computer. This does work!

    • I tried Blockless for a week but my family decided we want the Canadian Netflix back.. It won’t let me get out of it? So annoying… anyone know how to get BACK to Netflix Canada?

      • Hey Shauna, to remove Blockless from your device all you have to do is take out their DNS. That’s it.

        And just so you know, Blockless lets you watch American and Canadian Netflix (you can change in the click of a button on their website when you’re logged in). You can also change to UK Netflix, and several other countries as well.

      • Hey Omar, can you give me some more details about the problem? Or start up a live chat. That way I can try to troubleshoot it. 😀

        • I have a sony tv hx 820, I changed the DNS on it and it still showed the Canadian Netflix, so I tired it on my samsung bluray it worked right away but as soon as I turn it off and back on it went back to Canadian Netflix so now it’s not working on any of my devices

          • Blockless was having an issue earlier today that is now fixed. I recommend you first see if there is a way you can un-install Netflix on your device. Or do a factory reset on your device to go back to default settings. After you’ve done this, don’t open Netflix yet. Add in Blockless’s DNS first. Then save the DNS, restart your device. Then go ahead and install/open up Netflix on the device. That could solve your issue.

            If it doesn’t I’d then recommend you try setting up Blockless on your router (they have guides for it on their website). When you login click “setup guides” then “For your whole house or network”

            Let me know how it goes.

    • I’m trying to find the live chat but it’s not showing up anywhere. I have an SMC router I got through Rogers and can’t find the admin setup anywhere. Therefore I cannot change the DNS server settings.

      • Hey Rick, you can also set up the DNS on your individual devices. This is usually easier to do than going through the router.

    • hi, I have windows 8 on my laptop and when I go to blockless tv ad setup and it says choose your device but windows 8
      isn’t a choice there what do I do?

    • i change the router settings like your site told me to and i searched up batterstar and it showed up so i take it worked when i changed the DNS settings?

      • Hey, Alex. Yep – if Battlestar Galactica (the new version, from 2003) shows up you’re on American Netflix! Enjoy.

    • I have a Canadian Netflix account which I’m using now as I travel around South America. Will a Blockless account give me to access all the US Netflix programming using a variety of WIFI sources as I travel in countries other than Canada?

      • Hey, LB. Blockless will give you access to all the US Netflix programming on any wi-fi source around the world. (Including South American countries)

        Basically, it doesn’t matter where you create your Netflix account. To get US Netflix, Netflix just wants you to be in the US. Blockless makes Netflix think you are in the US which gives you access to the US Netflix. Hope this helps.

        • Thanks for the prompt reply. Question: I’m in Ecuador trying to get Sons of Anarchy season 5 on Netflix, says that show “not available for streaming” yet I’m confident it would be available on US Netflix. So I queried “Battlestar Galactica” as you suggested and result is that I can access and play all 4 seasons of the series dated 2003 – 2008. Would it be reasonable to assume that until I can access Sons of Anarchy I am NOT on the US Netflix site?

          • Hey LB, if you can watch Battlestar Galactica you are definitely on US Netflix. As for that show not working, I’d recommend you restart your computer, clear your browser’s cache (if you’re watching on PC). If you’re not watching on PC and on some other device, I’d recommend you un-install the Netflix app on it, then re-install it. That may help.

    • Hi I just added Netflix usa and now I’m getting Netflix not available try later….but I can get other things….can’t get HBO either

    • My brother and I share a single Canadian Netflix account and we both travel and work outside Canada; I’m in Ecuador, he’s in Nicaragua. Can we both access US Netflix on a single Blockless account using separate computers on different networks?

      • Hey LB. You can both access US Netflix, but it will be more problematic. Here’s basically what will happen.

        You access US Netflix on your device with Blockless, then Blockless detects your network and validates it. Then your brother tries to access US Netflix on his network somewhere else, Blockless detects that it’s not your network. So it doesn’t work, until your brother logs in to Blockless and validates the new IP. It now works for him. But not for you.

        So you’d have to constantly just be refreshing the IP on the single Blockless account and it would work. You also couldn’t both watch US Netflix at the same time. So to answer your question, it’s doable. (I don’t know how Blockless actually feels about people doing this. I’ll have to double check) but it will be a bit more problematic and not as easy as having two separate Blockless accounts.

        • Hey, no problem, we can both buy Blockless access, the price is right, I just wanted to know if that was necessary and obviously it is. I just started using Blockless today, dead simple to set up and I’m totally impressed with how it works. Thanks for your prompt and clear reply, also I think it’s great that you don’t crank out generic replies to members questions.

    • you said blockless is free but it clearly says its only free for a week?? won’t we need to keep using blockless after the free trial to keep the usa netflix?

      • Hi, Blockless is 100% free to try for the first week. If you’d like to continue using US Netflix with Blockless you can subscribe with them for $4.95 a month. If you’d rather just go back to Canadian, you can simply remove their DNS and you’ll revert back.

    • Everything works find now…..Apple TV is up and running!!! Awesome and easy set up…I can now change between US and Canada no problem!!!

      • Hey James, yes. Although Blockless is 100% free to try out for a week, no obligations or anything. So when you create a Blockless account if you don’t like it, there’s nothing to cancel.

    • I have a Philips wireless tv with Netflix but can’t get it to change DNS how do I link my Canadian Netflix to this tv but get American netflix libraries ??

      • Hey, you can set up Blockless on your router, that should solve your problem. Login to Blockless, click “Setup Guides” then “Setup on a network”. That should point you in the correct direction.

        • No it doesn’t help me. I can’t find what I need for networks or systems. Need something specifically for my tv

      • Good to hear, Josh! After the 7 day trial the numbers do stop working until you subscribe. After you subscribe you’ll immediately re-gain access to US Netflix and the other services Blockless supports.

      • Hey Bill, it costs an extra $5 on top of what you pay for Netflix to access US Netflix with Blockless. It’s free to try for the first 7 days with no payment or credit card info required. So there’s nothing to cancel if you don’t like it.

      • No, it doesn’t. You just authenticate your DNS through Blockless’s servers. It’s safe. 100,000s of Canadians and others around the world use Blockless every month.

      • Hey Daryl, Blockless does work on Smart TVs. If you don’t see your model amoung their setup guides, simply locate the Network Settings on your device. Then locate the DNS settings, change the DNS to manual and enter Blockless’s DNS. (They show up when you login to Blockless)

    • For some reason many movies come up as unknown and I cannot watch them. Some say that I cannot watch this movie instantly and to try another title.

        • I am using a. Linksys ea6500 wireless modem with my computer tower. My DVD player is wireless and it is a Philips DivX+ hd.

          • A lot of people are having issues with DVD player/Blueray type devices as of late. Blockless does know about this. Is there any chance you could try another device?

    • can i do this process on a small tablet? and what is required to run it to my tv from the tablet ?

      • Hey, you can do this process on a tablet. Just locate your Tablet’s network settings and DNS settings. Then simply pop in Blockless’s DNS.

      • Hey Kara, you shouldn’t have to do that. Which device are you setting up on? (And what’s the problem in more detail)

        • Hey,
          Using my laptop.
          Every time I go to Netflix the blockless page comes up stating that the IP has failed and needs to be refreshed. Also states the IP address I am using on this device is not linked to my account. Says DNS servers are set up correctly but something else is wrong.

          • Hey Kara, did you click to refresh the IP on Blockless? (Or is your problem that you’re having to do this everytime). This is caused by your PC or router changing your IP which makes Blockless think you’re someone not in their network (until you re-validate it).

            If you setup Blockless on your router this should solve the problem.

            • Yes, I click on refresh IP on blockless every time and it never works. I then go to the login and have to go through all the set up again. Did not want to set up on the router as I am just staying temporarily at a friends place. Thought once it was on the laptop I was good to go whenever, wherever?? Thank you for all your help so far!

            • Hey Kara, I think I know your problem. You say you’re at a friends? Is someone else using your Blockless somewhere else? That would be the problem. You’ll have to re-validate it back and forth if that is the case.

              It could be also be your friend’s router changes its IP address often. Can you try it back on your home network by any chance and see if there is a difference?

    • I’m connected through a router from Bell (I’m in Quebec), I can’t get access to it. What do I do, pick network or Apple TV. I tried the Apple TV, but I can’t get to the “configure TCP/IP”. Can anyone help me?

      • Hey Carol, on your Apple TV go into Settings –> Network –> WiFi –> Select your network. Then you should see some DNS setting in that area which should solve your problem.

        • Yes i managed to do so….now it says that Netflix is currently unavailable. Try again later. Been saying that for the past 2 hours.

          • I’d recommend trying a factory reset on the AppleTV and then trying again. If that doesn’t work, start up a live chat with me here on the site and I’ll try to troubleshoot it further.

    • Hi, I followed your instructions and am able to access US movies on my PC and iPod, but not the BluRay/TV. The titles are shown, but it says that they are unavailable to watch instantly and to try another title. Can you help?

      • Hey Penny, a lot of users are having issues with BlueRay at the moment. I had a few people on my chat the other week with the same issue. Blockless knows about this issue now and they’re troubleshooting it. So if you have it working on every other device, it’s very likely a problem that can’t be fixed by you.

        What I recommend you do is shoot Blockless an email here: and include your Blueray type (Samsung, LG, etc) and your TV type and the issue. Just so they have it on file and can send it to their engineers. Hope this helped.

        • Thanks for your quick response! Has BluRay been able to connect with US Netflix previously?

          • It has on many BlueRay players in the past. Some models still work, but others have done an update which makes it harder to circumvent the Canadian Netflix.

      • Hey Sherman, what device are you having issues with? I’m just heading to bed. I’ll be on my live chat tomorrow afternoon. Hit me up then or reply here and I’ll be glad to help you out!

      • Hey Elz, I’m back on the chat now. Start up a chat and I’ll do my best to figure it out for you! 😀

    • Hopefully you can help me with this question. I set up my laptop and I have access to US Netflix. However I am having a problem getting my Sharp Aquos smart TV to connect wirelessly thru a bell actiontec router. I have changed the DNS setting and restarted the TV but when I select battlestar glactica it comes up with “title not available to watch instantly. Is there soemwhere on TV setting that I have to change country. I scrolled thru but I can’t find???

      • Hi, I recommend trying to do a factory reset on your TV then entering in the DNS. This may help!

    • Hi,

      I changed the dns on my airport extreme router as I want to watch netflix on the tv (we watch via a Samsung blu ray dvd player BDC6500 or we can also watch it on Apple TV) as well as our iPads. I restarted my computer and the dns nos show on the airport extreme but as I’m only getting the 1978 and 2003 versions of Battlestar Galatica I assume I haven’t gotten the american site.
      I don’t know what to do next.
      Thanks for your help

      I also have Apple TV would it be better to configure the Apple TV and the two iPads separately rather than try changing the network. Blockless says my DNS now have not configured properly and yet when I look at the airport extreme it has those dns nos. Can i change the Apple TV and the two iPads separately for the one monthly fee?

      • Hey Shelley, you can setup Blockless on as many devices as you’d like. I’d recommend setting Blockless up on your AppleTV device itself, rather than the blueray. A lot of blueray players aren’t working with Blockless at the moment.

      • Hey Max, the setup for Windows 8 is identical to Windows 7. Just follow their Windows 7 guide. 🙂

    • I believe I have followed all the instructions but when I sign in to netflix I am still getting only the Canadian content.

        • I am on a laptop with windows7. I did nothing different but when I started the machine today netflix was available. Now I just can’t seem to get on UK netflix.

          • To get on UK Netflix, click the UK part of the map on Blockless. Then empty your browser’s cache (if you don’t know how to do this let me know which browser you are currently using and I can link you to a guide) and try it again.

            • ive shanged regions, cleared cache in firefox. still does not seem to be UK. we want to watch downton abbey season 3 and understand it is on netflix uk

            • Hey Garry, weird. I’ll pass the info along to Blockless. It could be a problem with the UK Netflix on their end. In the meantime, I’d recommend trying on a different browser.

            • ive tried explorer and now i seem to be stuck on the US Netflix. I tried changing it back to Canada but that didn’t work either.

    • Once the movie ends, Netflix goes right back to the Canadian version. I have programmed my router with the DNS numbers provided and they are still there. The only way I get back to the US site is by rebooting my router each time. How do I fix this? My router is a Belkin.

      • Hey Jenny, if you want it permanently you just upgrade your Blockless account to a paid one anytime during your 7 day trial and you’ll get it forever. It costs $5 a month after the trial.

      • Hey J.R, the Windows 8 and Windows 7 setup guides are practically identical. Follow the Windows 7 setup guide and it will work on your Windows 8 laptop.

    • Hi there, I’m having problems adding the DNS address to my computer….I should tell you, I’m not very tech savvy!

          • Are you setting up on Windows? On Blockless click “Setup Guides” then Windows 7. They’ve made a very user friendly setup guide for Windows 7 users to set up their DNS.

    • Hello, having some trouble ….we were on the free trial and have now gone back to blockless and gave our Visa etc but aren’t getting the us netflix yet ? Can you help us ..thanks

      • Oh I found the problem..I clicked on Canada instead of US this is how to switch back and forth from each country”s netflix I presume? We’re very happy with it 🙂 Can we just sign up to US netflix? , Do we need the Canadian account to sign up to the US or can we cancel the Canadian one and just pay for the US one?

        • Hey Betty Lou, yep you have to make sure you’ve selected the US flag on Blockless’s website.

          You could just sign up to US Netflix, but if you don’t have Blockless you will still only get Canadian Netflix. (If you were to create your Netflix account in the US and go to Canada you’d still get Canadian). Blockless determines which Netflix shows you see based on where you’re connecting to Netflix from, not where you created the account from.

          Blockless tricks Netflix into thinking you’re connecting to them from the USA, which gets you access to the US Netflix. So to answer your question, you don’t need to cancel anything. The cost of Netflix in the US/Canada is the same (although it might be a bit more in the USA with the currency conversion).

    • It is taking forever for my apple tv to put a check mark on United States after i’ve selected it, it is just keeps searching/thinking… is this normal? Thanks, Jeanette

    • hi…i followed the blockless steps and i have the green check marks but when i try and get the us net filx through my wii, i only have the canadian feed…am I doing something wrong?

      • Hey Karen, are you sure you’re not on American? (Have you searched for Battlestar) if you’re sure – I’d recommend double checking you have the DNS in correctly on your Wii. Then un-installing the Netflix app on your Wii & re-installing it.

    • Hi there, I’m trying to change my router DNS but I cannot seem to find where to do that I am with Shaw and my router is a SMC and for what I ca see, the DNS are locked to shaw … I went throgh every single menu item and there’s nowhere to change those. Have you come across that problem? Thanks

      • Hey there, it’s typically much easier to put Blockless’s DNS on the individual devices you watch Netflix on rather than the router. I recommend you try that first. (Blockless has lots of setup guides for the individual devices they support) If you run into an issue let me know! I’ll be glad to help.

    • I have just signed up for a paid subscription after my 7 day free trial has expired. Is there anything I need to do after making the payment? Instructions say it will take aprox 5 mins, but not sure if I need to reset anything?? Please help…

      • Hey Cheryl, after you’ve paid there’s nothing you need to do additionally. Does your US Netflix still work?

            • Hey Cheryl, could you start up a live chat on this site? (Refresh the page and in the bottom right you should see the chat option) I’ll troubleshoot the issue for you there. I’m sure we can figure it out.

            • Hey Jaxendale… I have refreshed the page, but cannot find the chat option on the bottom right? Scroll right to the bottom of the page?

            • Hey Cheryl, I’m going to be creating a new schedule soon for the chat to let people know when I’ll be live on there to help people. I’ve unfortunately been quite busy with life the past few days and haven’t had a chance to be on there much during the day. Have you solved your issue yet?

    • Hi Jaxendale! I signed up with Blockless and it was super easy and US Netflix is awesome. I have 2 questions though; some of the shows that we watch the video and sound become de-synced where that never happened before. is it related to using US netflix? My second question is now that we are using a US DNS, can we stream Canadian hockey? We were having trouble getting the live feed from CBC last night and weren’t sure it it had something to do with the DNS or not. Thanks so much!

      • Hey Stephanie, awesome! As for the shows become un-synced, that shouldn’t be happening. I recommend you restart your device to see if that makes a difference. If it’s still doing it after a restart, let me know and I’ll troubleshoot it further.

        And as for the second question, yes you can still stream Canadian hockey. If you are having an issue with the DNS while watching something from Canada, I recommend you either change your connection on Blockless from the US to Canada (when you login to Blockless there will be a map where you can change this) or just try temporarily removing the Blockless DNS when you don’t need it.

      • Hey Pierre, I’m not on the livechat all day. I’ve been unfortunately quite busy with life the past few days. I intend to create a new schedule soon so everyone can know when I will be on the live chat to help.

    • Hey, just got this to work on pc; also have a Sony smart TV. Tried following their instructions for putting in the DNS numbers, but no luck getting it to actually show the US Netflix. Any thoughts?

      • Hey Michael, it could be a problem with the TV. You could stream from your PC to your TV with HDMI cables. I recommend trying to do a factory reset on your TV, then entering the DNS again, then starting up Netflix. That may help.

    • Hi Jaxendale. I’m a new user testing Blockless. I followed the set instructions, but I’m still getting the Canadian version of Netflix. I’m using a Sony Blu-Ray DVD player (BDP-S580) as my streaming device to my Panasonic TV (TC-P60GT30). My device was not listed at Blockless, so I tried to do a network setup. I’d appreciate it if you could offer me any help. Thanks.

      • Hey Leo, many Blueray players are not working with Blockless & US Netflix at the moment. Do you have another device you could try for streaming to your TV? (Or try putting the DNS on your TV in the Network Settings)

          • Hey Leo, that’s unfortunate. Hm. Try starting up a live chat with me here on the site. I’m on live every Monday – Friday from 10 AM – 4 PM EST. I have a few ideas that may help with your Blueray. It’s worth a shot.

    • i dont know why i cant see usa netflix my ip and dns configuration is ok but it doesnt work on my netflix…

    • I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but my status shows 3 green checks I’ve restarted my phone a couple times and it’s still not showing me any new shows on my device? I’m using an I phone

    • Hi there. Tried all, I have the green check marks, but it does not seem to give me US Netflix…I use a new Mac, restarted it and all….To see if it works I tried to view a movie called ‘Philadelphia’, and it tells me that movie is not available for streaming…. THks!

    • I am using a Telus router and I’ve heard they don’t generally co-operate with accessing US content. Could you please let me know if Blockless works with telus wireless routers.. cheers..

      • Hey Ian, I’m not too sure about Telus routers. I’d recommend you setup US Netflix on the individual device instead. This is usually the easiest way to do it.

    • Hi,

      I have subscribed to Netflix usa I get it on my computer but not able to get it on my Boxee i have tried to setup as per per setupguide using the DNS Number but still i am getting only Netflix Canada I selected region as USA

      • Hey there, what I’d recommend you do is try doing a factory reset on your Boxee, then entering the DNS again, then opening Netflix.

        • Hi ,

          I did factory resetting , then entered the DNS again then opened Netflix I got error msg while trying to watch american netflix “this title is not available to watch instantly please try another title”aip-703

    • Can I use multiple devices off the one block less account? I have a smart TV in one room and am using an Xbox in another.

      • Hey Jocelyn, yes you can use as many devices as you’d like with Blockless. So you could setup both your Smart TV and Xbox.

    • Pardon me for asking, but is this legal in Canada? I’m interested, but won’t bother if it violates any laws. Thanks.

      • Hey Steve, this is 100% legal in Canada. There is no law in Canada against using VPNs or Smart DNS services like Blockless. 🙂

        • Okay, great! Is the American netflix also 7.99 per month? Will I be paying 5.00 per month to you, 7.99 to Canadian netflix, and then an additional 7.99 to the American netflix? Won’t netflix already see my account as Canadian? Oh, and also… I am using Windows 8, will this be a problem?

          • Hey Steve, Blockless is just the middleman. Think of it like this – all Netflix accounts are exactly the same. Canada, US, UK… they’re all the same. Netflix determines what shows you see based on where you are connecting to them from.

            Blockless tricks Netflix into thinking you’re connecting to them from the USA which lets you watch US Netflix. You don’t pay any extra to Netflix. You just keep paying for Netflix on your account you created in Canada.

            So it would be $7.99 for Netflix monthly. $4.95 for Blockless monthly.

            And Windows 8 is no problem. Here’s the setup guides for Windows 8 on Blockless:

            • I tried to set up, but it says my DNS is not set up properly. When I followed the procedure, I noticed that my laptop wireless connection uses both TCP/IPv4 and TCP/IPv6 (both are checked under properties). The instructions guided me to change DNS address for v4, but is v6 also supposed to be messed with? Help.

            • Even though TCP/IPv6 is checked in one area, it does say it isn’t connected elsewhere. So, I doubt that is the issue. Any suggestions? I have a wireless router and this laptop with windows 8.

            • Hey Steve, sorry for the slow response. I had answered your question a month ago but it seemed to disappear. To change back easily to Canada, login to Blockless and on the homepage (when you’re logged in) you’ll see a map of countries. Just select Canada.

            • Hey Steve, you only have to change v4. Can you double check you have the DNS in correctly? If it still is not showing up that your DNS is set up properly let me know.

            • I have the same problem as Steve had and I unchecked v6 and added the DNS address for v4. Still showing DNS is not set up correctly. Under v4 should it be checked to obtain an IP address automatically (at the top)?

    • Hey Jaxendale,
      Just wanted to let you know…whatever you did the other day, worked. We now have US Netflix back!! 🙂
      Thanks so much for all your time & efforts… Very much appreciated!

    • This is a great site, as per previous post. It all really does work… and if for some reason you run into trouble, Jaxendale will help you. He goes above & beyond.
      No worries.

    • Hey! I live overseas and I used Netflix in Canada on an account that my family shared. I’m currently on a trial version of Blockless, and I’ve noticed that Netflix signs me into the same account that I used in Canada even though it’s giving me the US content. Does this affect pricing at all? I don’t want my mom to get charged for both Canadian and American Netflix! Also, and this may be a dumb question, but does Blockless only work in your home on your own network?

      • Hey Eleni, Blockless will not affect your Netflix pricing at all. Let me explain how Blockless works here:

        All Netflix accounts are the same. US, Canada, UK, etc. Netflix just determines which shows you get to watch based on where you’re connecting to them from. (So that means even if you created your Netflix account in the US and came to Canada to visit, you’d get Canadian Netflix)

        This is where Blockless comes in – Blockless tricks Netflix into thinking you are connecting to them from the USA. This gives you full access to the Netflix USA content. You will not be charged extra on Netflix as nothing changes on your account. Blockless does cost $5 a month if you choose to keep using them after the trial.

        And yes – Blockless will only work on one network at a time. If you were to move houses there is a way to get it working on another network, it just involves re-validating your IP address on Blockless.

        Hope this eases your worries. Enjoy!

          • Hello, yes you need some version of Netflix. Basically Blockless is not affiliated with Netflix in any way, they are just the middleman.

        • Hi jax I never tried it before but I got a message saying that my account is expired … I would like to try out first can you please help me with that ?

      • Hello… i have a question please. Im using netflix using roku tv and wondering how can i use the us netflixin roku… does it possible? Thank you so much and have a great day everyone

        • Hi, Rokus do not have DNS settings (which is the easy way to set it up). It is still possible to get Blockless to work on them, but you have to set it up through your router which takes a little more technical knowledge.

          • Is there somewhere I can get the information for this? I do not want to have to drag my laptop around and hook it up to the TV when I really access Netflix through my DVD player.

          • Ours is not Rokus. It is a Sony DVD player with streaming capabilities. We have one on each TV. SO I think we will need to set it up at the router.

    • I have a Phillips Smart TV. Can I get American Netflix on this device as it is not listed in the setup instructions.

      • Hey Gene, you can try. I’d recommend locating the network settings on your TV then trying Blockless’s DNS.

    • Hello Jaxendale. I just signed up for Netflix and my free Blockless account this morning though I am having trouble with the setup guide provided for Sony Smart TVs. I have a red X mark under DNS configuration and went into the Sony Smart TV guide and having trouble following the steps. After entering the Primary and Secondary DNS numbers, I am also prompted to fill out the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway. Would you be able to provide any further assistance?

      Thanks for your attention!

      • Hey Garby, the red X mark next to DNS will always be there unless you setup on PC. You only need to enter the DNS on your TV. The IP, subet, default gateway – you should have an option to leave those as is? (automatic)

        • I don’t have the option to leave IP/Subnet/Default Gateway as is, even in the automatic mode. The screen in the set up guide doesn’t exist on my Sony Smart TV. I guess they’ve changed it up a bit in the past year. Is this something I should contact Blockless support about?

    • Hi,
      I just signed up for a 7 days free- trial with Blockless and it works great on my Wii, Ipad, Ipod.
      But I tried on Asus Transformer laptop and I can’t get into the Advanced Wi-Fi screen to change the DNS.
      I don’t want to change the DSN setting of my home wireless network since the other computers at home are being used for business purposes.
      I need help, please

      • Hey there. Are you on Windows 7? If so, login to Blockless & click “apps” at the top. Under “Windows” click “Download” – the install the Blockless app on your PC and run it. This will automate the DNS setup on your PC. Let me know how it goes.

        Also, for the record setting the DNS on your home network isn’t a security risk. Basically, Blockless only authenticates their DNS when you’re on a website they support (like Netflix).

    • I am with unblockus and for the last 5 or 6 days I have not been able to watch US net flix. I can get on the site and view the programs but when I select one to watch all I get is a green screen with the sound.

    • Hi;
      I managed to change my Asus Window 7 DSN settings and now can access Netflix US. But when I log in my Blockless account, it keeps showing that my DSN is not sett properly.
      One question: when changing the laptop DSN, do I also have to change the IP address?
      The other question is concerning when I want to upgrade from a free trial to a paid monthly membership, can I pay monthly by Paypal? I really do not want to pre-authorize payment on my credit card?

      • Hey Stefany, I’d recommend you go into your Network Settings and re-check Internet Protocol Version 6. See if that helps. You do not need to change the IP address. You leave those fields as automatic. You only change the DNS.

        As for the payment, Blockless does accept monthly payments via Paypal.

    • Hi Jaxendale;
      I downloaded the app on my Asus Android Epad and it does nothing.
      Netflix Us works fine but when I am on my Blockless account page, it keeps showing DSN setting error???
      Will this be a problem when I want to upgrade from free trial to monthly membership?

    • about once or twice a day it will automatically go to page that says that the blockless IP address has failed and needs to be refreshed. whats that about?

      • Hey Amanda, this is caused by either one of two things. 1) Blockless detects your IP has changed. Sometimes your router will do this automatically. 2) Blockless detects someone else is using your Blockless account on another network. (are you sharing your account?)

        If it’s not #2 for you, I’d recommend trying to setup Blockless on your router. This can be a bit more tricky, but they have guides for this on Blockless to make it much easier. Hope this helps!

    • I just switched over to the US version of Netflix….easy instructions to follow! Just wondering, is all of the Canadian content available on the US site? Also, if I decide to switch back to the Canadian version, how would I go about doing that?

    • I just switched over to the US version. Your instructions were easy to follow…thanks! Just wondering, is all of the Canadian content available on the US version? And if I want to switch back to the Canadian Netflix, how would I go about doing that?

      • Hey Amy, a good amount of the Canadian content is on the American version – for the content which isn’t you can switch back to Netflix Canada in the click of a button on Blockless. To do this simply login to Blockless. On the page when you’re logged in you’ll see “Change Your Region” – click Canada to change it to Canada. Give your device a few minutes and you should be good to go.

        I’m glad the instructions were easy to follow. Enjoy US Netflix!

        • Oh that’s great! Can I switch back and forth between Canadian and US easily? Or, when switching back to US version will I have to go through all of the steps again to set it up?

          • When switching back and forth you do not need to go through the setup again. You just have to click the country on Blockless and give it a few minutes to update.

            • I set up the US Netflix up on my Wii. How do I go back and forth between Canadian and US on that? Also, we have the Canadian version on our iPad. Can I go back and forth on that as well?

            • Hey, to go back and forth login to your account and change it there. When you change it, it should change on all your devices that you have set up in your network.

    • Trying to set up US netflix on my WII. I have joined block and I’ve entered in the DNS #s in my wii but i cannot get any further it keeps logging me in as canadian netflix. i have deleted what it told me to in order to switch over but it still will not work… please help as this is my second attempt at this

      • Hey Jylleen, are you positive you aren’t on US Netflix? (You searched for Battlestar and it didn’t show up) if you’re positive I recommend double checking you did the setup properly. (Did you un-install and re-install the Netflix app) Let me know.

          • i have tried with two different email addresses one on the WII and one on my macbook, i can’t get either of them to work

            • Hey Jylleen, when it says the DNS configure isn’t setup it’s referring to your PC. You only need 2 checks to watch it on your Wii. I recommend you shoot Blockless a quick email here: and let them know it is not working on your Wii and they should be able to troubleshoot it. My final recommendation would be to double check everything again and try swapping the 2 DNS. (Change DNS 2 to 1 and 1 to 2)

    • I’ve installed the Free Trial DNS for Blockless, but can’t access the latest Netflix US movies that I see on such as Prisoners said to have become available on January 13, 2014.
      Why is this so? Will I be able to access Blue Jasmine and Captain Phillips marked as coming out tomorrow, or is there another Netflix service for these latest movies?

    • Hi – followed your recommendations and set up blockless and Netflix – found Battlestar Galactica on Netflix. But, when I try to find Hulu it’s not listed in my channel store (roku 3) My Roku 3 is linked and I used my brother’s address in Texas – just wondering why Hulu isn’t showing up? Any ideas? My router is set to: Default Gateway: DNS: DNS:

      • Hey Allan, I’m not sure why Hulu isn’t showing up. Let me do some more research into this tonight when I get home and I’ll reply back to you here.

          • Hey Allan. I’ve looked into the device. It may have to do with the fact that it was bought in Canada. Hulu may not work on it (with the US DNS’s). What I’d recommend doing if you want to test for sure – is a factory reset on your Roku then seeing if it shows up.

    • Hi Jaxendale;

      I am very happy with Blockless and probably will sign up for the memebership.
      One other question: I brought my Asus laptop to the office and change the office DSN1 and 2. At first, Netlix could not reload the data but then, when I clicked on Blockless refresh IP, it works.
      Does it mean that when I am back at home tonight, I will have to refresh the IP address at home for Netflix again.
      By the way, even if the DSN 1-2 is set correctly with my laptop, when I am in my Blockless acount page, it keeps showing :Your DSN is not set up correctly.
      How can I remove this message
      How can it says that if I can see Neflix US

      • Hey Stefanny, basically anytime you use Netflix in a new network (such as your office) you will have to refresh the IP so Blockless can validate it is you. If you were to stay in one network you wouldn’t have to keep refreshing.

        As for the DNS not being set up correctly, I recommend you go back and double check the DNS are in correctly and that you followed the setup guide to a tee. Here’s the setup guide for Windows 7:

      • A lot of blueray players aren’t working properly with US Netflix at the moment. I’d recommend trying another device.

      • Hey Jenn, the livechat is down at the moment. Can you tell me your problem here? I’ll do my best to help 🙂

    • I did every step exactly how I was told, but when I look up battle star to see if my account change I don’t find anything. :/

    • I signed up for a trial account but my device is not listed (Sony Blu-ray). Does this mean I can’t get blockless?

      • Hey there, well it may work. If you can access the Network Settings (IP Settings) then find the DNS value, you can try it out with Blockless’s DNS. Although many bluray players have been having issues with US Netflix as of late so I would recommend another device if possible.

    • Hi,

      I’m having problems getting my dad’s netflix the us feed. He has an Apple TV, has a blockless membership. I’ve used both DNS numbers but I’m still not getting the American feed. Blockless has not been that helpful. They keep asking me questions via email, but offering no solutions. I have spent way too much time on this and we are no further ahead. I have followed the instructions that they provide to a T – but still only getting canadian netflix. I came across your website and hope you can help – please!

      • Hey Jillian, the questions Blockless is asking you though email are probably asked to help you lead to solutions. I can do my best to help on my end. I’d suggest you try everything below.

        1) When you login to Blockless do you see anything about needing to refresh your IP? (You should have 2 green checks at least)

        2) Are you certain you are subscribed to Blockless? (When you are logged into Blockless and you scroll over your email and click “manage subscription” under “Subscription info” it shows you’re subscribed?

        3) Can you try changing the Blockless DNS. (Change the 2nd DNS to the 1st and the 1st to the 2nd).

        4) Can you try doing a factory reset on your Apple TV? (On the AppleTV select Settings > General > Reset, and then click Restore) once it’s restored, enter in the DNS again. And then open up Netflix.

        5) Are you positive you are not already on American Netflix? (Battlestar Galactica 2003-2007 doesn’t show up?)

    • having problems with blockless on my apply tv. I did everything, changed itunes location to the US. Changed DNS 1 and then when it did not work to DNS2. Unplugged my Apple TV whenever i needed to restart nothing worked!!!! i keep on getting error code ATV-ui10 whenever i try to open Netflix. Please help

      • Hey HT – I recommend you try the steps below:

        1) When you login to Blockless do you see anything about needing to refresh your IP? (You should have 2 green checks at least)

        2) Are you certain you are subscribed to Blockless or still on your trial?

        3) Can you try doing a factory reset on your Apple TV? (On the AppleTV select Settings > General > Reset, and then click Restore) once it’s restored, enter in the DNS again. And then open up Netflix.

        • Thanks. Checked and done all these. I managed to get to the netflix login screen, when trying to login I get the same error aptv-ui10 first time. Any time after that I try to get to netflix I get the error right away without even getting to the login screen… back to square one 🙁
          Any advice?

          Sent from Samsung tablet

          ——– Original message ——–

          • Hi, when you did a system restore did you click “Reset All Settings” instead of “Restoring to factory condition”? If both didn’t work – does Blockless work from another device on your network? Can you try setting up on your PC. This will help me establish where the problem lies.

            I just looked into it and apparently you may be required to set up on your PC prior to setting up on your AppleTV. So definitely follow the guide for PC (Windows 7 if you’re on Windows 7) make sure that’s working with all 3 checks first.

            • Thanks this  is helpful. Will give it a shot and let you know

              Sent from Samsung tablet

              ——– Original message ——–

            • I setup my laptop using blockless and it worked fine running Netflix. Apple tv is still the same, cannot login to Netflix. Getting the same error.
              Any advice?


              Sent from my Windows Phone

            • Hey HT, I’m not sure what’s going on. This may be a temporarily problem with the AppleTV as a lot of people are reporting problems as of late. Can you please fill out this form here: with your Blockless email and let them know of the problem?

              They should be able to look into it on their end. They’d have an AppleTV for testing they can try out and see if there’s a widespread problem and point you in the right direction from there.

            • Thanks wil do. By the way I managed to get blockless running on my iPad, laptop, Samsung tablet and iphone. The apple tv is the only one that I have been struggling with for a week. Will fill out the form as advised.
              Sent from my Windows Phone

    • Hey! I am using a PC with Windows 7. I followed all the steps exactly, but when i go to Netflix nothing has changed. Is there something I am missing?

        • Hey AD, when you search for “Battlestar” does Battlestar Galactica 2003-2007 show up? If it does, you’re on American Netflix. If it does not, I’d recommend you try these steps below in order:

          1) Try clearing the browsing history and cache on your current browser. Restart the browser. Then try logging into Netflix again.

          2) Try a different browser. (If you’re using Google Chrome try installing Firefox or Internet Explorer, or vice versa).

          3) Try swapping Blockless’s DNS. (Put the 2nd one where the 1st one is and the 1st where the 2nd is)

          Let me know how it goes.

          • Thanks for the quick reply ! I have tried all three things you have told me to do and still nothing changes on Netflix. I search battle star galactica and it says not available ! Is there anything else I can try ?

            • Hey, can you login to your Blockless account again? Are you positive you have 3 green checks?

              And can you tell me which browsers you tried.

            • I just checked and I do have three green checks. I have tried google chrome and internet explorer. I would prefer not to download a third browser! is there any other options I can try?

            • Hey AD, sorry I didn’t get back to you. I wasn’t notified of your last post here. If you never got it working I recommend you contact Blockless here: and let them know you couldn’t get it working during the trial and see if they can help out. Include as many details as you can so they can try to troubleshoot it from their end.

    • I’m very interested in terminating my ludicrously expensive home satellite TV service in favour of the ‘on demand’ viewing model from the likes of Netflix, Hulu, etc. but I connect to my ISP using a static IP address. At the risk of sounding like an idiot(!), Will my static IP cause me any connectivity problems (either with Blockless, the on-demand service provider and/or my ISP), should I consider signing-up with Blockless?

      • Hey WLDOR, the fact you have a Static IP is probably an advantage for using Blockless. Reason being a Static IP does not change unlike a dynamic one.

        (Sometimes people get an issue where Blockless stops working temporarily until they go back on Blockless and refresh their IP because they have a dynamic IP address and it changes all the time)

        So to answer your question, your Static IP will work fine with Blockless.

    • I want to try out Blockless. Can I use the Blockless free trial at the same time as a Netflix free trial to experience american netflix?

    • Good day, I set my Apple TV up following the steps on Blockless. I can sign into US Netflicks and search and see US content. However when I try to play. I get an error “this title is not available to watch instantly. Please try another title”. I changed my location through iTunes Store to US. What have I missed? Thanks

      • Hey Karen, did you setup on your PC prior to setting up on your AppleTV? I recommend you do that first. Sometimes when setting up on an AppleTV you need to setup on your PC first so Blockless can validate your network.

    • I have a Samsung Smart TV and can’t seem to connect to Blockless. The screen on Blockless setup for Samsung looks different than mine. Any ideas what I can do? My trial ends tomorrow and I don’t want to subscribe if I cant get on my TV. It works fine on my computer.
      Thanks for any help you can give me!

      • Hey Ivan, can you locate the Network Settings on your TV? From there you should be able to access the IP settings then locate “DNS” settings. Once you find the DNS settings, enter in a Blockless DNS if there is one slot. Or both DNS if there’s two slots. Then save it. And try opening up Netflix.

        • Thank you for all your help Jax!
          It worked fine once I was able to find out where my settings were hidden!;-)

          Can u tell I am computer illiterate? I replied to myself and not u!
          Thanks again…I can now upgrade my account!

      • Thank you for all your help Jax!
        It worked fine once I was able to find out where my settings were hidden!;-)

    • So im away from home, and im trying to use blockless on my netflix with my ipad. I have the first two green checks. But the last one ,dns server, is still red. Even though i followed the instructions for ipad. I dont know what to do anymore. Im running out of ideas

      • Hey Andrew, are you positive the DNS are in correctly? I’d double check that first, if yes – I’d try swapping the DNS. So put the 2nd DNS as the 1st and vice versa.

      • Hey Greg, yes you can access both and change between the two in a click of a button when you’re logged into Blockless (after setting up on your device).

    • I have the attached setup. I tried but could not get it to work and then my free period ran out. will this setup theoretically work or am I banging my head against a brick wall? Thanks

    • Hey Jaxendale, quick question… I can get US Netflix on my computer.. but I connect with a Roku 3. Just want to clarify the steps to have it go thru my Roku. the instructions are cloudy to me. Do I unlink on roku site ? do i factory reset on roku player? any help is appreciated.

    • Or you could get Hotspot Shield for free to accomplish the same task. I’m sure this works but essentially it’s not necessary to spend money on it.

      • Hotspot Shield or any other free service is going to be much slower than Blockless as those services throttle your download speed. With Blockless, you keep your full download speed for HD streaming.

          • You can always find a free temporary alternative if you look hard enough for something but if you’re looking for a solid solution to getting US Netflix permanently I recommend Blockless 🙂

    • Hey. So I set this up, everything worked for a few days and now I’m back hating life with Canadian Netflix I checked Blockless I still got time left on my free trial and after its done I’ll definitely subscribe but why would it switch back

    • hello i am not sure what i have done wrong but i followed all your really eas to use steps and when i go to it wants me to sign in and when i use my sign in name it says i have wrong password or sign in name and when i sign into my netflix account i had brfore this it gave me canadian net flix please help

    • Salutations! I’m a blonde in this dress… I have a Mac. I have entered all the correct info – the right DNS, tried to reverse the order, because the DNS keeps coming up with the red X. I tried to flush the cache but it doesn’t recognize the command. You are my only hope…

    • @lucbax:disqus
      We just set up our american netflix but any show we try to watch says “This title is not available to watch instantly. Please try another title.” But none of them work they all say the same thing. What are we doing wrong?

        • Hey Jaxendale thanks for the reply back. The original question was about our Apple TV box but we got that working now, but we also have a samsung blueray and we can watch American Netflix on it but every time we turn it on we get the message “cannot connect to the internet. Check network settings and internet connection status.” So we do that and it says everything is good and we go back and then it works. Just wondering if you can help us with that. We don’t change any thing just go to the network settings and return to netflix . Thanx Roxanne

          • Hey Roxanne, unfortunately I may not be able to help you with the bluray player. Many people are having issues with them at the moment. I believe Blockless knows about the issue and is still trying to fix it. I’ll pass the word onto Blockless that the Samsung Blurays are experiencing this issue as well.

            • Thanks Jaxendale at least we are still able to use it just takes awhile to get into it. Hopefully they can fix the problem .

            • Hey Jaxendale we have been using our apple box for a couple of months now but the last couple of days it says it can’t connect to the internet and has message 108…any suggestions?

      • Oops! This title is unavailable at the moment; there might be a technical glitch, or we may have rotated it out of our entertainment catalog.

        Try searching for your title again; if you find it and are still not able to play it, please contact customer service.

      • Hey Mike, so you get 3 checks on Blockless? If so I recommend you clear the browsing history/cache on your browser then try again. If you don’t know how to do this please let me know which browser you’re using.

    • I followed the instructions for the U.S. Netflix for Windows 7 on my laptop, got 3 check marks, but the movie Battelstar Galactic (with the red dress on the cover) still shows us unavailable to stream. Since this was the recommended test, does this mean that I have not been successful in setting this up, in spite of having 3 check marks? (Here’s a link to the screen shot of the 3 check marks:

      • Hey Mark, I recommend you clear your Google Chrome history. Then try again. Sorry for the slow response by the way. I’ve been out on a trip the past few days and haven’t had access to WiFi.

      • Cool. I was on a trip the past few days, sorry for the slow reply. As I say clearly on this site it’s my part time job as a marketer for Blockless. I do my best to help others with issues and setup so that’s the benefit I give you.

        • You can use Blockless on as many devices you want for $5 a month. There’s no extra costs for using multiple devices if that’s what you are asking.

      • Hi, you can use Blockless on as many devices you want for $5 a month. There’s no extra costs for using multiple devices if that’s what you are asking.

    • I just started the free 7 day trial.
      Using my Sharp Smart TV

      Have it set up properly but any title I want to watch the following message come up “This title in not available to watch instantly. Please try another title.”

      Any title I select says the same thing.

      Can u advise me on why, or what I need to do?
      Don’t want to join if this keeps happening.


      • Hi, sorry for the slow reply. Been out on a trip the past few days.

        Sometimes Blockless does not work on /every/ device. The engineers at Blockless are constantly testing devices to try to keep them up to date. So firstly I’d recommend you setup on your computer to make sure it works on there first. After you have that setup, as for the Sharp Smart TV – that device is not listed on Blockless.

        Although it may still work. Are you certain you have the DNS in properly on the Sharp Smart TV settings? If so, I’d recommend doing a factory reset on your TV then adding the DNS again and trying Netflix.

    • I’m curious, do I need to pay for every device I use to watch Netflix. ie, computer, I pod, I phone, etc.

    • mine is not working for me i tryd blockless but i signed out and now it won’t let me sign back in i need help????????/////

    • hi there! i know you have helped me before but i’m having trouble again. when i go to play a show there’s a message that comes up that says that there was a “streaming error” i have an account with blockless and pay the monthly price. what else do you think could be wrong?

    • Did a Whole Home setup and have 3 green check marks. I want to set up my Roku but want to make sure my router shows a US location…how can I confirm that Blockless is actually working?

      • If you have the 3 green checks it’s working on your PC. I’d go ahead and follow the Roku guide. You may not even need to create a new account. Just make sure it’s setup on your router then go ahead and try out Netflix on your Roku.

    • Once I use this service, does it allow me to view only US Netflix? Or can I view both USA and Canada Netflix (without having to change anything back and forth)?

      • Hey Donna, it allows you to view both. You can change back and forth in the click of a button when you’re logged into your Blockless account.

        • So I can’t see them simultaneously, I’d have to switch and can see either or at one time? Is there any lag time with Netflix updating my options? Some changes take up to 8 hours to see the difference? Thanks for the quick reply 🙂

          • Yes, you change back to Canadian to watch Canadian. Or back to American to watch American. There should not be any lag with this process. What device are you watching on? This is likely a caching issue with your device. If you’re watching on PC I recommend you clear your browser’s cache/browsing history. If you don’t know how to do this let me know which browser you’re using.

    • I signed up with Blockless about 3 weeks ago and was able to get US Netflix with no issues. As of 2 days ago I cannot access it. I am getting only the canadian. I signed into my Blockless account and I have 3 green checkmarks. I checked the DNS servers in my settings and they are correct. I have a Mac OS X and cannot figure out why its not working now. Ive tried to reset everything and restart computer but nothing.

      Can anyone please help me??!!

      • Hey Mix, can you try using another browser for Netflix on your Mac? (If you’re using Safari, try installing Google Chrome) for example. Let me know if that helps.

    • I set up blockless and followed your instructions. I have no problem getting
      United States Netflix on my computer.

      I also have a Sony Smart TV and I
      also followed your instructions and changed the DNS settings and set it up as
      well. However, I am absolutely positive I am getting Canadian Netflix on my
      smart tv. The way I know this is because I keep searching for Battlestar
      galactica and it does not come up. And I know that Battlestar Galactica is only
      available in the United States.

      I looked at your instructions for
      changing my DNS settings in my router but could not find the place to input the
      new settings. I have a Bell connection Hub Modem.

      Can you please explain to me what I am doing wrong and why i
      cannot get United States Netflix on my Sony smart tv despite following your
      instructions ????

      • Hey Nelson, are you positive you have the DNS in correctly on your Smart TV? First I’d recommend you:

        1) Make sure the DNS is in correct. If it is, try swapping the 2 DNS. Put DNS #2 and #1 and vice versa. Then trying Netflix again to see if it’s on US.

        2) Try doing a factory reset on your TV. Then enter the DNS again. Then open up Netflix.

        3) Try changing the DNS on your router. You said you had a problem with this. Is there any chance you could find your router’s model to give me so I could troubleshoot it further.

        Hopefully we can figure it out! Let me know how it goes.

        • 1. Yes I am sure the DNS is in correctly. I will try a swap tonight and let you know what happnes. Why would a swap make a difference though?

          The router is a Bell Connection Hub.

          Here are two links for you to see it . After you look at the router information below, let me kjow what you think. Another unblocking site told me I would need a United States netflix account in orderfor US netflix to work properly on my tv. I find that hard to believe.

          • I finally found the place in my router to change the DNS primary and secondary settings which I did. and the router accepted the settings. I also matched the settings on my Smart TV. They also went in okay. I went back to netflix o my smart tv and re activated it with a new code so that it would be a fresh activation. That worked. Then I went into netflix on my smart tv and tried searching for Battlestar Galactica. Again, it does not show up as being available to me which leads me to believe that my smart tv is pulling in Netflix Canada. However, my browser on my desktop computer can see Battlestar Galactica so I know I am on Netfflix United States on my desktop computer.. I have done everything you’ve suggest and still no luck on my Smart TV. Is there another show I can search for on my Smart TV that is only United States based that you know of that I can try searching for on my Smart TV, then I’d know for sure if I am on Canadian or American Netflix on my Smart TV. ?

            • Hey Nelson, there isn’t another show you can search for. There just must be a problem with Sony Smart TVs right now. I will forward this problem to Blockless. For the time being I don’t think this is an issue on your end, but on the TVs. Sorry for the troubles.

              Blockless is constantly trying to fix problems with devices so this happens sometimes. Generally speaking PCs, Xbox, AppleTVs and Wiis are more consistent for getting US Netflix than TVs or Blueray players.

            • would it make a difference if I had an American Netflix account instead of a Canadian Netflix account ?

            • can you send me an email so that we can continue this discussion offline ? I believe you have my email address in your records from when I signed up.

    • Hi I have been using blockless for months now,no problem,on my apple equipped smart tv. I would also like to be able to use it on my ipad and another tv ,both have canadian netflix, I hope I am making sense but I am not sure how to get the us netflix on these as well,
      .Please help.

      • Hey Mike, what device are you watching on and can you go a bit more depth into your problem. I’ll try to figure it out for you.

    • Cant get this to work for two identical laptops in the same house….its works great for 1 but cant get a trial for the other…keeps saying that my wife has an acc. and she dosent.. I work on the road lots and I like my Netflix while iam in camp. and the kids like it at home so how can I have Netflix u.s. on both laptops… thanks

      • Hey Darren, can you specify your problem a bit more. “keeps saying that my wife has an acc” what do you mean by this?

    • I can search battlestar galactica but it wont play… says its unable to stream.. is there another title i could try to see if i am getting american netflix?

        • I already signed for nextflix when i downloaded blockless

          I want to watch Haven but it’s not coming up. Does this mean
          that i have to remove netflix and re install it? Battlestar Galactica shows up

          • If Battlestar Galactica shows up you’re on American Netflix. Some shows that are on Canadian are NOT on American. To go back to Canadian with Blockless you can change back in the click of a button. Just login to Blockless and click Canada on the map. And within a few minutes you’ll change back.

    • i am liviing in canada and i signed up for the 7 days free trial on blockless and the days are counting and i am unable to log in to usa netflix only canada one please help

      • Hey Avalene, so you can access Netflix but when you search for “Battlestar Galactica” it doesn’t show up?

        If yes, can you let me know the device you are using. And have you followed the setup guide for that device and entered the DNS in properly?

    • Having an issue. Tried on both my pc’s (windows 7). Followed everything to a T but am only getting 2 check marks..and a big X for DNS configuration. It’s super easy instructions so I really can’t see why it won’t work for me. Checked Netflix just in case but it is still the Canadian one…no Battle Star Galactica for me. 🙁

    • Okay, so I got addicted to American Netflix, hubby and I started on SAMCRO and then all of a sudden any and all DNS codes I could find would not work. I had heard of this site but wasn’t sure it would really work. But after hours of frustration I finally came to Blockless, within just minutes I was set up and watching SOA, I am so excited and will truly recommend this site for any and all of my friends and family! Thanks! Promise after the free trial, you will have bought my digital soul lol

      • Thanks for the kind comment Jenna! Blockless definitely is a great solution for permanent access in my humble opinion. Enjoy US Netflix! And SOA is a great show.

    • Hello, I don’t know, how is the connections with the sharp smart TV, I try but, I can’t, help me please.

      • Hey Sergio. The Sharp Smart TV isn’t listed on supported devices, but it still may work. You want to locate the Internet Settings on your device. Then Network Settings. Then locate DNS settings. And change the DNS to Blockless’s DNS. Let me know how it goes.

      • To get your Roku to work you’ll have to setup your router. Login to Blockless, click “setup guides” then “for your whole house or network” and select your router and try following the setup.

    • I was just successful in setting up my home laptop with windows 7. I am a little lost on doing the same for my sony bluray player. they do not seem to have a setup guide on the blockless list. do you have any ideas?

      • Hey Tara, Bluerays players are having problems with US Netflix lately unfortunately. It most likely will not work setup wise, but if you can locate the Network Settings then IP settings you could put Blockless’s DNS in the “DNS” part.

    • Hey, I set up on wondows 7 with an ethernet cable. I got all three check marks immediately, but when I type in “” it sends me to “”. Any Advice?

      • Hey Connor, Netflix does that sometimes. You’re still probably on US Netflix. When you search for “Battlestar Galactica” does it show up? (The new version with the lady in the red dress)

    • Hi! For some reason I cant get the last check mark on Blockless. Ive followed the device instructions to the T with my Ipad as well as my router. I’ve also rebooted and restarted everything still nothing. Everything look right to me though.

      • Hi Joly, can you double check the DNS are both in correctly and try again? If that does not work try swapping the DNS. So put the 2nd DNS as the 1st and vice versa.

          • Hey Joly, Blockless did an update for Macs the other day. This may have helped address your issue. Are you still having the same problem?

    • Will changing/adding the DNS numbers have an affect on the results I get when using a search engine? I am Canadian and still want my searches relevant to Canadian content. I am not tech savvy, sorry

      • Hi Georgia, no it will not have an affect on your search engine. The DNS essentially only “activates” when you’re on a service that Blockless supports – like Netflix.

    • Hello, I have got American Netflix to work with Blockless. However, every time I want to watch the American netflix, I am required to log out and log back in, is there any fix to this issues?

        • I am watching it on my pc if that is any help. It’s not that big of an issue, but would prefer if i didnt have to log in and log out every time!

    • help! it hasn’t worked for me, unfortunately. i am on a Mac OS X Version 10.6.8 and am using Google Chrome with a 2Wire router. i entered the DNS numbers given in my system preferences and hit “apply” to save the info. my account on blockless shows all 3 checkmarks are green and i have chosen to simulate the US. however, i am still not able to access anything but Canadian netflix – no Battlestar available to me. i tried restarting my computer, logging in and out of Netflix, opening another Netflix account, and following all the steps a second time but nothing.

      • Hey Stephanie, can you try clearing all your web history on Google Chrome (cache and all) then restart Chrome and try again?

        • thanks for your quick response! i tried that, clearing absolutely everything for the last 4 weeks. should i clear from further back?

            • just cleared from the beginning of time, and i made sure the “empty the cache” was clicked. all options were clicked. yikes! is there anything else i can do?

            • wait! i think it might have worked… i can get “the city dark” which i think is only US. what else besides Battlestar is US that i can search for?

            • that shows up but doesn’t allow me to play… there’s no “play” icon for me to click. there is a “why is this title unavailable to stream?’ sentence for me to click on.

            • thanks for all your help, by the way. what’s interesting is that i can pick up “the good wife” from watching earlier today via netflix app on my iphone, but when i try and watch it on my Mac it says it’s not available to stream. same with “downton abbey”… but i can watch the steve jobs film and weeds on my Mac.

    • I have been using Blockless for over a week (paying now). Being in Canada I wanted to have access the US Netflix Version. It worked fine for a week. Since today Netflix automatically recognizes that I am in Canada and I only have access to the Canadian Netflix. The series that I watched… Not possible anymore as it is not available on Canadian Netflix. Account Status on Blockless is fine (all green checks). I am soooo upset! I have not changed anything in my settings (use a MacBook). Any idea what I can do?

      • Hi, there seems to be a lot of Mac users having issues right now. I’ll forward this to Blockless so they can address it.

        • OK, thanks. I sent them an email already. It is so annoying… Thanks for your quick reply! Great website!

            • Such a pain in the a….. Blockless support just responded and told me to log out and restart my computer. As if I haven’t done that already a few times. Nothing! Still no access at all to the US Netflix and I can’t watch my show any longer 🙁

            • Yeah they did the exact same thing too me it seems to only be the MacBook Pro tho cause my iPhone works fine on it!!

            • Just don’t understand why it worked for a week and then out of the sudden it stopped.. I use a MacBook Air

            • Hello Annie, Blockless did an update for Macs the other day I believe. Can you tell me if you’ve got it working now?

      • Hey Brianne, what exactly are you asking? With Blockless you do get a free trial for 7 days. That lets you try out US Netflix free for those 7 days. (You still have to pay for Netflix)

      • Glad it’s working for you! I’m sure Blockless fixed whatever the problem was with Macs, you weren’t the only one having issues that day. Enjoy US Netflix!

      • Hi Kristine, you must’ve run into an issue. I can try to help. What device are you setting up on and can you give me more details about the issue.

        • Windows 7 my laptop. I went to the control panel and all that stuff. And programmed the numbers in.and then just hit okay and it said to restart your laptop so I restarted it. So I figured I then just log on netflix and then id be on the US netflix but it didnt work. Im really not good with computers but I programmed everything right

    • Hi,
      Im in Canada and I am about to set this up on my Samsung smart TV. Before I do I just wanted to ask a quick question…
      At the moment my kids can log into Netflix (Canadian) from their Ipads using the one nexflix account that we have – so 4 devices are currently using the same Netflix account (samsung tv, 3x Ipads).
      If I change the IP address on my samsung TV and start accessing the US Netflix how will this affect viewing on my other devices such as Ipads??

      • Hey Sonia, it will not affect the other devices in any way. Blockless only re-routes your connection through their US servers on a device you set it up on (and only on services they support like Netflix).

    • Hey. I did everything that I was supposed to, and I got the three checks on Blockless. However, when I went to my Netflix, it stayed as the Canadian one. What am I doing wrong?
      I’m using the Windows 7.

      • Hey Lena, I think this may be a problem with your browsing history. Can you try completing deleting your browsing history (cache included) and try again?

    • If I refresh my ipad IP address when I’m away from my home town, will the devices that are still in my hometown work? I travel a lot and I’m worried if I refresh the IP address on my ipad while I’m out of town that my children won’t be able to watch netflix through the xbox at home. Both devices use the one account that I have for blockless and the ip’s won’t match. Thanks.

      • Hey Norman, if you want to use Blockless on more than one network it does get tricky.

        Basically everytime you refresh the IP away from your home – for it to work in your home again someone at your home will have to refresh the IP on their end.

    • Hi there. I’ve been hearing about this for ages and finally decided to
      try it. it works great on my acer windows 7 laptop until I try to watch
      the shows. It loads and then I get this message about DRM files.




      ERROR CODE: B8156-6003

      Any suggestions?

      • Hi Tina, when you login to Blockless how many green checks do you see?

        My first recommendation would be to try another browser for Netflix.

    • I am trying to set up my router to try out blockless…I have a Dlink 815. I enter the DNS numbers and try to save it and it gives me an error message that says Unknown IPv6 addressing type. I have firmware 1.04 is there a way to fix this to try it out?

      • You want to access your Network Settings then locate a “DNS” setting. There is where you would input Blockless’s DNS.

    • hey, am having hard times to login into the Netflix. my account from blockless is not working on the netflix. i have all the check marks.

      • I’m not certain if they do or not, but it seems a person below had an issue with their ipv6 settings on their router.

        It is almost always easier to setup Blockless on the individual device you want to watch on instead of the router. I’d recommend you start with the device if possible.

    • So glad I found this site. I am in Canada and have just begun a Netflix subscription. I use a Blueray DVD player to access Netflix, in addition to iPads, etc. but my main usage is with the DVD player. Will I be able to use Blockless with the DVD player? If yes, will it be difficult to configure…it is hard wired to my router. Thanks, Ed

      • DVD players and Blueray players do not seem to work very well with US Netflix as of late, it is worth trying but you will have a better success rate on any devices that Blockless supports directly. (Like PC, Xbox, Wii, AppleTV, etc)

        • Thanks for this quick and informative reply. I suppose I’ll have to invest in an Apple TV as I don’t watch movies on our iPads. Another item to purchase but there’s not much choice. Thanks again.

          • No problem. I would recommend giving your DVD player a try though. Locate the Internet Settings/Network Settings then something along the lines of “IP Settings” and look for “DNS”

            Once you find a DNS setting, change it to “manual” and enter Blockless’s DNS codes.

    • Hi! We have a brand new laptop with Windows 8 – which I thought would make things easy (for once). But no luck. I tried many different things to set this up, but to no avail. I tried the “whole network” set up option first. When I first changed the router settings, US Netflix worked on the laptop (yay! too easy) and on our iPads. But not on our Sony Receiver/BluRay player. So I followed the directions to update the network settings on the player directly, but that didn’t make it work. And then my laptop stopped working. Then I read the instructions for Windows 8 set up. So I followed those (I also had the dns settings changed on the router from the original attempt – can’t seem to find any instructions as to whether I was supposed to do both or just one?). So now 2 hours later, nothing has changed. Tried to remove the settings and of course now our iPads are showing US content but nothing will open. This is really frustrating. What are we doing wrong? I followed the directions to a T, and it WAS working on everything except the bluray player. To be honest, that’s the most important thing – not sure I want to pay $5 a month to watch a movie on my iPad mini. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

      • Hi, as for the blueray device – it will probably not work on that. Bluerays are not working well with US Netflix at all lately.

        As for your PC – it should work on that. Let me try to troubleshoot it for you.

        First, when you login to Blockless how many green checks do you see at the top?

        • Ok good to know about the blu ray player. I am only getting 2 green checks. The third one is an x. DNS not set up correctly.

    • Good evening!
      I have a Netflix account and just finished installing Blockless. When i try to sign up for my free trial month, it automatically takes me to the US Netflix site and refuses my credit card info because it’s not a US card.
      Can you assist?

      • I recommend you create your Netflix account without Blockless installed first. Then re-install Blockless and open up Netflix and login with your newly created account.

    • Hi Jaxendale,
      Any advice on this? We’ve given up on the bluray player since it doesn’t seem to be supported, and I’ve now given up on our Wii because it will not connect to Netflix even though the internet connection tests are all fine and other online services work… so I was hoping to at least get a few days to test out the trial on my laptop, but it won’t connect either. Not sure what the problem is. I followed the directions, inputted the two DNS codes, hit ok and restarted the laptop. Still not getting 3 green check marks, just the first two are green. What else can I try?

      • Hey Jess, it seems a few users are having problems with Wii at the moment. Blockless is constantly updating their servers to address problems on the many devices they support. So the Wii problem should be fixed soon.

        If you are not getting the 3 green checks on your PC it most likely means that you are doing something wrong on the setup’s end. Are you positive the DNS are in correctly?

        • Hi Jax,
          Yes I’m pretty sure they are in correctly. I followed the directions exactly and have tried on multiple occasions to clear and re-enter them in case I made a typo or something. The funny thing is, I was getting only 2 checks when I first tried and yet I did get US netflix on my laptop anyways, but when we tried to program the bluray player that’s when it stopped.
          Thanks for the help. Unfortunately it seems to me there are too many restrictions on this “solution” at the moment. Maybe in the future things will be better. I can’t fathom paying $5 a month for this service as it seems way too unreliable.

          • Hey Jess, sorry you’re having this issue. The large majority of users do not run into any issues but in every 100 people there’s going to be a few with problems. It can be hard to exactly pinpoint the issue on your end, basically if I could see your computer I could fix it in a few minutes most likely.

            I can continue to try to troubleshoot the issue. Are you on Windows 7 or 8 by the way?

            Firstly I’d recommend you try swapping the DNS in your Network settings. So change the 2nd DNS to the 1st and vice versa.

            Secondly when you login to Blockless do you see anything about the need to “refresh” your IP at the top? If so, refresh it by clicking the button.

            After that if it still does not work and you’re 100% positive the DNS are in correctly (as instructed in the video above) I’d recommend you shoot Blockless an email here: and they should be able to offer you more help. Make sure to include as much detail as possible.

    • Hi, I started using block less a couple weeks ago with no issue, but today netflix will not connect, I tested internet connection and it was successful, my connection is wireless, device is wii.
      Please help 🙂 thanks

      • Hey Patricia, when you login to Blockless how many green checks do you see? (You should see at least 2 for your Wii)

      • Hey Lorne, if it’s not on the list it may not work but it’s worth a try. What you want to do is locate the Network Settings on your Sharp TV. Then Internet Settings or “IP” Settings. Then locate “DNS” and change the DNS from automatic to manual. Then enter Blockless’s DNS in that value, save it. And then restart your TV & start up Netflix.

    • How can I get access on all my home devices such as laptop, tablet, phone etc? Do I have to download blockless on each device and pay for each installation?

      • Hey Krystyna, you do have to setup on each device you wish to watch on (it only takes a few minutes). And no you do not have to pay for each device. You can setup Blockless on as many devices as you’d like for no extra charge.

    • I changed the DNS on my router so all of our devices get US Netflix now
      but there is a show on the Cdn Netflix that the US Netflix doesn’t have. What is the best way to switch back and forth between the Cdn and US Netflix?

      • Hey Been, there are a few shows that US Netflix does not have that Canadian does. Fortunately you can switch back and forth between US & Canadian Netflix very easily with Blockless.

        Just login to your Blockless account and on the home page when you login you’ll see a map with a bunch of countries. Just select “Canada” to go back to Canadian Netflix. Give it a few minutes to update, restart your device and you’ll be back on Canadian. You can change back and forth at any time.

    • Hi. I signed in for free trail. I changed the DNS and opened my Netflix. I noticed the differences of movies that it had way much more. But when i tried to play it. It wouldnt load. I couldnt watch it at all. I changed back to canada server. Then i worked. Can u help me w this sistuation ? 🙁

      • Hey Aj, I’ll do my best to lead you in the right direction. Are you still having this issue? If yes, what device are you watching on. And when you login to Netflix how many green checks do you see at the top of the site?

        • Yes i am still having this issue. I am using my galaxy note 3. Sometime w my aamsung smart tv at home. Both didnt work . I tried few time and i have 4 green checks at the top of the site . I pretty sure 1 of the times i tried i was in american nextflix but they didnt load

          • Hey Aj, if you’re getting 3 green checks that means you have it setup properly on that device. I recommend you try deleting your browsing history on your galaxy note 3. (Clearing your browser’s cache if that’s possible)

    • Hey, I have just configured Blockless for Apple TV, but still get an error message Netflix is unavailable at this time try later. I am in Canada. Can anyone help?

    • I’ve followed the set up guide to a third on MI Windows console and now it says it can’t connect to Netflix.

      • Hey Dave, are you setting up on Windows 7 or Windows 8? And when you login to Blockless how many green checks do you see at the top of the site?

    • Hey I did every step correctly and entered the correct DNS Codes but it says my Netflix can’t connect why isn’t it working?

      • Hey Kaitlyn, I’ll do my best to lead you in the right direction. What device are you setting up on? And when you login to Blockless how many green checks do you see at the top of the site?

    • Thanks for your quick reply Jaxendale. Would you suggest then that if three of us in the same household are using the same Netflix account that we change the DNS on each device rather than on the router then? Since one prefers te Canadian over the US Netflix?

      • Hey Been, setting it up on the individual devices seems to be the way to go for you. It’s typically easier to do then going through the router for most users as well.

    • The set up was very easy and I got connected to US Netflix in a few minutes. Now I see a lot more titles than what I used to see under Canada Netflix, but (and there is a huge BUT) I can not view a rather high number of them. I keep getting an error message stating: “Whoops, something went wrong…This title is not available to watch instantly. Please try another title”.
      So, I tried others as suggested, and got the same error message over and over again. There were a few titles that I was able to watch, but I should say that most of my tries ended with the error message. I am glad there is a trial period, as I don’t think I will be signing up if I see thousands of titles but can only watch a few of them!

      • Hey Victor, there’s a few people having this problem as of late with Bluerays and DVD players. What device are you watching on?

          • Apologies for the slow response Viktor, I have been quite busy lately. Are you still having this problem? If so I recommend you do one double check the DNS are in correctly and that you’re getting 3 green checks on Blockless.

            If you’re sure, I’d try another browser. (If you’re using Google Chrome, try Firefox for example)

            After that if it still does not work and you’re 100% positive the DNS are in correctly (as instructed in the video above) I’d recommend you shoot Blockless an email here: and they should be able to offer you more help. Make sure to include as much detail as possible.

            • Thanks for the information, Jaxendale. I am using Firefox and the DNS are correct. Actually, I was able to view a couple of movies that were giving me error, but I had to try them at a different time. Right now I have no reason to believe there is a problem with my applications or set up, and I am at the end of my trial period. I may try blockless some other time in future, but I have decided not to sign up at this time. I do appreciate your assistance though. Cheers!

    • I am in canada and have set up for US netflix. I followed the directions exactly but still do not have US netflix. I have 2 green checkmarks. Can you please tell me what I need to do?

      • Hey Amber, I too used free DNS’s in the past. The reason I don’t mind paying for it now is because Blockless’s DNS is more reliable, more secure and lets you change back from US Netflix back to Canada or UK netflix without touching the DNS. (Can be done on your Blockless account in the click of a button)

        Free DNS’s will almost always die every few weeks and become slow or unstable, they usually don’t also work on many devices. Blockless works on almost all devices and has very little downtime (and if it ever goes down, Blockless is working to get it fixed ASAP)

          • To switch back to Canadian Netflix just login to your Blockless account and on the first page when you’re logged in you’ll see a big map with a list of countries. Just click on Canada to change back to Canadian.

    • I’m using windows 7, and i’ve followed every thing the guide said and I still only have two checkmarks. The DNS one won’t lite up for me, any suggestions?

      • Hey Dylan, that basically means Blockless isn’t detecting you set it up right. Can you go back and see if there is anything you might have done wrong in the setup? Just follow the video on this page for the Windows 7 setup guide.

    • I followed everything to put in the DNS # & everytime i get to put them in the computer won’t allow me it dings? Can you tell me whats wrong?

    • i entered the dsn for a day and it kicked me out. i also don’t see my tv on the guide. i have a panasonic smart tv

      • Hello, I can try to help. When you login to Blockless on your PC do you see anything about the need to refresh your IP?

        And on your Panasonic Smart TV can you try doing a factory reset, adding the DNS again and starting up Netflix.

    • my question is that Netflix has a window popping up saying my internet exporer is on private browsing and it wont let Silverlight work.. thay ask to closer the server and if that doesn’t work to call Netflix. im on windows 7. for some reason it wont let me post on this site.

    • it says:”silverlight application storage error. Internet exporer inprivate browsing mode is restricting Netflix from storing settings on your computer.” I’m on windows 7 and have tried refreshing etc.

    • Hey There All,
      I’m still receiving the Red X saying the DNS isn’t set up correctly. I’ve entered it into my Samsung Bluray player. Also, my bluray is plugged directly into my router and is saying Wired Network Settings (not just network settings like the pictures in the instructions). I’ve refreshed everything I can think of a million times and still keep getting the dreaded RED X on my Blockless Account. Help!!

      • Hi, some Blueray players are not working as of lately with Blockless or any kind of US Netflix websites. Is there any other device you can try?

    • Didn’t get it to work on a Sony Blu-Ray Player, then found out that there is an issue with Sony players in Canada. Tried again on a Samsung, works like a charm.

      • Hey Glenn, good to hear. I know there’s been some major issues with Blueray players as of lately. Is there any chance you could let me know which Blueray model you’re using for my records (the Samsung).

            • One minor issue is that each time I turn on the Blu-Ray player, I have to go into the Network settings and run the auto setup for the IP address, otherwise it will not work. However, as this takes maybe 30 seconds to do, I can live with it. 🙂

            • Please note, that is for the IP address, not the DNS. I entered Blockless’ DNS number the first time, and it stayed there. It’s my local IP address that needs to be refreshed. I suspect it is because I am on a cable Internet connection with a dynamic IP address, not a static one.

    • I still haven’t had any luck with getting on.I am the administrator of Windows 7 I go into the control panel & do all from the setup guide ,it says it won’t let me add the DNS # I also tried to clear the cache but it doesn’t regonize When I type in. Help!!

      • Hey Sheila, are you sure you’re trying in the DNS correctly? (With the periods) The 2 DNS’s are:

        Preferred DNS:
        Alternate DNS:

    • Ok, now I’m even MORE frustrated. Your window didn’t say that you had to create an account 1st so I typed a whole paragraph for nothing. One more time: I just had a very frustrating experience setting this up. I ran into several problems along the way (windows 7) which I thankfully figured out. But, the real kicker came when I tried to sign up for Netflix and pay: It wouldn’t let me because I don’t have an American zipcode. Surely I can’t be the 1st person to have run into this problem! But, I then remembered that you’re supposed to be able to switch back and forth between areas so I reset mine to Canada, powered up and down and such, then signed up for Canadian Netflix. After that I reset Blockless to the US, powered up and down, but still got the Canadian version. I tried this a few times without success. And btw, Canada now has Battlestar–thought I had the US version, but found out that I didn’t when I tried to get Dance Moms (the only reason that I went thru this process–for my daughter). 1st it said I could only get it thru DVD for an extra $7.99 per month, but then it informed me that it’s only available in the US. Ergo, I’m still on Canadian Netflix. Please tell me I didn’t just waste a whole evening essentially and am pulling my hair out for nothing.

      • Hey Elaine, sorry to hear you’ve been having some troubles. I’ll try to help.

        For starters Battlestar Galactica (the new version) is not on Canadian Netflix. So if you’re seeing that show, you are indeed on US Netflix. Now as for Dance Moms – that is a show on Netflix that is not available for streaming period. (I double checked this) you can only get that on the DVD plan.

        If it’s only Dance Moms you’re looking for I can do my best to find another link online where you can watch it. Can you leave me your email in a reply here? And I’ll send you one with it. (I’ll delete your email post after so your email isn’t public)

      • Hey Elaine, what’s your email again? Sorry! I found a good site but I deleted your email by accident.

    • I am wondering why I can’t access the account I set up. I keep getting an account that my daughter set up through a friend of hers. How do I delete or bypass the old account in order to access the new one?

      • Hey Daniela, I’m trying to understand your problem here. Are you talking about your Netflix account or Blockless account?

        And which device are you talking about.

    • after the trial and how does one pay for it then? and if this is not us netflix do they get paid as well? i have canadian netflix now

      • Hi Patty, after the trial you can subscribe to Blockless for $5 a month to get access to the US Netflix forever.

        Blockless is not affiliated with Netflix, they are just the middleman. Hope this answers your question.

    • so i tried blockless free trial and it worked fine, but after the trial was over whenever i try to get on netflix it reroutes me to blockless, saying i need to upgrade/get a payed account. But i dont want to pay the extra blockless fee and i just want to go back to canadian netflix. But i dont know how to get off blockless or cancel my trial

      can anyone help?

    • Hi, so Netflix has caught me using US Netflix on my Apple TV here in Canada and has cut me off using US feed but allows Netflix Canada. If I sign up to Blockless and and change the numbers on my laptop and use Appletv will it work??

      • Hey Kristine, I doubt Netflix “caught” you using US Netflix and shut you off. They are well aware people in Canada get US Netflix, they don’t ban people for it. It’s very likely the Apple TV just had a temporarily problem. Can you see if it’s working now? If not – login to your Blockless account and let me know how many green checks you see at the top. I’ll try to troubleshoot it for you.

    • i live in gander newfoundland and i have canada netflix so i tried the blockless to get american and its not working my connection s are all good but it wont let e connect to my canadian account either now ? why is this

      • Hey Dawn, what device are you setting up on? I’ll try to troubleshoot your issue. If you ever run into an issue you can always remove the DNS and go back to your original settings which will fix it.

    • Hi there fellow Maritime 🙂 Just wondering if I sign up for this, will I have access to both US and CDN Netflix at the same time or do I have to choose one or the other? Thanks!

      • Hey Melissa, you will have access to both US and CDN Netflix at the same time. You can change between the two in a click of a button when you’re logged into your Blockless account.

      • Hey Joanne, Blockless works on most devices but some are not listed. If you can locate the Network Settings (Internet Settings) on your Sony Blu-Ray then look for “DNS” – try changing it to manual and adding Blockless’s DNS there.

    • OK so I set my Windows 7 with the DNS numbers, but I’m still not seeing Battlestar Galactica when I go to the site – did I do something wrong?

    • Just want to let everyone know that I got it working with my Sony Blu-Ray player yayyyyyyyyy me!! lol

      • Yep it worked for a few hours, but the next time I started my player it was back to Canada and I’ve tried tons of things to get it to work on my bluray but it just won’t accept the DNS settings that I plugged into my computer. I can watch movies online but when I try to set it up, it looks like it works but when I click on Netflix in the menu, it says Checking internet connection and then it shoots me back out to the menu, I’ve tried over and over hoping it would somehow click, and I even tried putting their DNS numbers right into my Router software, and it still won’t connect! Hope someone can help with this


      • Hey Slomo, it’s very easy. All you have to do is login to your Blockless account and click Canada on the map of countries. If you’d like to just completely remove the US Netflix you can always just take out the DNS and it’ll revert back to Canadian Netflix as well.

    • I am interested in Blockless but before I buy I need to ensure it will do all I want.
      As well as accessing US content I also need to access BBC from a UK address; is this possible?
      I am using an iPad and Chromecast.

        • Recent articles I’ve read suggest the Chromecast Canadian is hard blocked from accessing US even with Blockless, comment please.

          • It may be, I’ve never used Chromecast myself. All I know is that you can watch BBC iPlayer on your PC with Blockless.

    • Hi! I’ve signed up for Blockless through my Apple TV. I believe I HAVE American Netfilx as I have Battlestar Galactica as your blog states, however when I try to watch some shows it says “Unable to view instantly. Please try another episode” None of the other episodes work for that particular series either. In addition when I look at my account it’s showing an “X” next to my DNS configurarion saying it’s not set up properly…. but seem to have US netfilx. Is that because I’ve only entered the DNS through my apple TV? I haven’t done anything within my computer besides setting up the account… So I guess I have two questions that may or may not be related. #1. Why am I getting the message in my account saying my DNS is not set up correctly and #2. Why is it telling me there are some show’s I’m unable to watch “instantly” and are unavaliable? any and all help is appreciated!!

      • Hi Bbnrse7, #1 you’re getting that message because that refers only to your PC. #2 I’m not quite sure why this is happening. I do know that some shows are not able to be watched instantly, but I’ve heard several people having this problem where they get that message with every show.

        Are you still having this problem? If so I’d recommend doing a factory reset of your Apple TV, entering the DNS and trying again (if possible) that may help.

        • Thanks Jax! It seems to be working now… I didn’t have to reset anything but maybe I hadn’t given it enough time to load? Not really sure how it works but regardless, seem to have it now. Thanks so much for your help! I do have one more question. I just want to clarify… To switch from say US to Canadian Netflix I just have to sign into Blockless and click on the other country and ta da… Or do I need to do something else. Don’t want to lose what I’ve got but also notice at Canadian Netflix has quite a bit that US does not so would like to go back and forth….

          Also would like to set up in a different location – in addition to our Apple TV – our Samsung DVD downstairs. Do we just follow the setup procedure on the 2nd site and it works off the same account?

          • Hey Bbnryse, glad to hear it’s working. To switch back to Canadian all you have to do is click the country on Blockless and wait a few minutes (sometimes a device reset is needed) then it should switch. You can switch it back at any time.

            As for your DVD – I will say that Blockless does not seem to work very well on certain DVD and Blueray players. But you want to locate the Internet Settings on it then looking for “DNS” – change it to manual and add Blockless’s DNS.

            • Ok Jax. Thanks so much for your help so far! Have another question. Do I need a separate account for each device I use? I am trying to set it up on my iPad but as yet no luck. I have changed the DNS as instructed and restarted the device. When going back into device the DNS is successfully changed, but I am still only getting Canadian Netflix. When I log into Blockless on my iPad it shows that my setting is for US Netflix. We are getting US Netflix on our Apple TV… not sure what I’m doing wrong. In addition am curious – can I watch US Netflix on my Apple TV and Canadian on my Ipad (once I successfully get this figured out that is….)?

    • Hi there, I have tried about 5 times to set up my Apple TV and I still get the message “Your DNS is not set up correctly”. Can you please help.
      Thanks 🙂

    • Hey, I did every single little thing that you did and I only have the first 2 check marks. It says my DNS configuration is still not right. I’ve tried and tried and it wont work. What did I do?

    • Good morning! I have the family plan (4 accounts) but when after I switched it wouldn’t let me watch while the kids were watching on their iPads. Well it would let me watch the Canadian content but not the American. So when the kids were done I logged out of their iPads and then it worked on my TV. Why is this and what can I do to correct this issue? Thanks for your help!

    • I just signed up for blockless to get the one show I was trying to see was Califorication, and I can for some reason see it on my canada netflix on my laptop and my galaxy tablet 3 but it won’t come up on my windows 8 tablet(which is where I originally wanted it) but I cannot even access any american movies on the tablet either and it says I have 5 days left free…. I like watching on my big tablet while I work on my laptop(it already had asked me for my payment method and accepted it(before the 7 free days were even up) also when I type in on my big tablet the battlestar it shows the one u said, but still won’t stream Californication….

      And now I can’t even watch my canadian global site on my big tablet cause it now says it’s out of my region, is that because I changed the DNS numbers????? I’m very frustrated

        • thanx Jaxendale

          But I seem to get californication on my galaxy tablet, but not on my windows surface RT tablet(and when I sign into the blockless on my windows suface it shows all green check marks fr the dns changes when I followed the video, but then I don’t know where to go from there back to netflix sign in page(because I get the battlestar galactica in the search bar that the video says so doesn’t that mean i’m watching US netflix(I’m a little confused) But the tv show Californication won’t show on my surface tablet only on my galaxy tab 3 tablet….

          ANd now that I followed the initial video changing the dns on my surface I can NO longer get my canada shows via Global TV(I have to go to CTV site

          Hope i’m making sense, but this is what’s happening

          • Hey Monkeylover, if you want to change back to Canadian with Blockless just login and click Canada on the map. That should change it back so you can watch Canadian shows on Global TV. You can change it back to American by clicking on the USA at any time.

            As for it not working properly on your Windows surface. I don’t have experience with this device so I’m not sure, but I can recommend you try a different browser on your device (if that’s possible).

    • Jax, I have 3 WDTV Live boxes that I use on different tv’s. They are all hardwired through 1 Netgear router. Will I be able to get US Netflix on all the boxes? Will I have to change the DNS on the main router? If so, will that not affect my internet service from my ISP provider? I am in NS too on Bell FibreOP. Thanks in advance.

      • Hi Twin, I don’t have any experience with WDTV boxes but I’ll do my best to help. Here’s the guide for the WD box:

        You can setup each one individually, that should be the most consistent way. (Sometimes setting up on the router doesn’t always work for streaming devices)

        Regardless, setting it up on your router would not affect your internet speed. Your connection through Blockless’s US servers only authenticate when you’re on a service they support (like Netflix).

    • im having problems getting on the us Netflix I have all my 3 checks but when I go to put in Netflix in the bar nothing happens with im I doing wrong

      • Hey Chris, I assume you are on PC. Can you try accessing Netflix on a different web browswer? If you’re using Google Chrome right now, try Firefox. Or vice versa. That should fix it.

    • Hi! We ran into a problem. We tried to connect blockless to our Philips device blu ray. We followed their steps and it appeared the new DNSes were accepted. But at the end when we tried to start Netflix we got the message there was no internet connection. When we checked on settings, the connection appeared to be okay. It didn’t work. We tried to connect the router and we had the same problem in the end… What can we do now? Btw, the router is PACE via ACN. Thanks for your time! Also, we already have a Canadian account with Netflix.

      • Hi Sfanta, many blue ray players are having issues right now. There doesn’t seem to be a fix for it at the moment. Is there any other device you can stream on?

    • Hi. I’m trying to set up American netflix on my wii. But after I change the DNS numbers my internet connection no longer works and I get an error msg.

    • I have gone through all the steps. I’m on the american netflix, but the new movies aren’t on there that i get emails for. i can see them on my phone but not on my xbox at home. DNS addresses are all good. please help!


      • Hey Ben, I’d recommend you double check you have the DNS in correctly on your Xbox. Once you’ve done that, I recommend you delete the Netflix app. Re-install it. Then start up Netflix, and login again. Should fix it.

    • When I go to put the payment info it ask for a zip code what do I out there I live in canada but it needs a zip code for the states

      • Hey Caitlyn, you must be trying to create an American Netflix account? I’d recommend you turn off Blockless and create a Canadian account. Then turn it back on to watch American Netflix.

        (You don’t need an American Netflix account to watch American Netflix. If you created an American Netflix account and didn’t have Blockless you’d still just get Canadian Netflix here in Canada)

    • Followed the instructions and rebooted my boxee box but now netflix disappears from the app selection. Anyone having this issue? Any solution? thx

      • Hello Kevin, I can do my best to help. You say Netflix has disappeared from the app selection? This could be a problem with the Boxee box trying to prevent users from accessing US Netflix.

        Do you have any other devices you could stream Netflix on to try out?

    • Mine isn’t working 🙁 I log into my netflix account & it is still the Canadian Netflix 🙁

      • Hello Kieksia, I can do my best to troubleshoot your problem. Just need some info from you.

        What device are you trying to set up on & when you login to Blockless how many green checks do you see at the top?

    • If you’re going camping will Netflix work, what would you need in order for Netflix to work?

      • Hey Joyce, you’d just need a wifi connection. Blockless will not work with a cellular tower (data plan) connection.

    • Trying it on my wii device. Once I did all the steps and clicked on Netflix it just said member sign in or start your free trial. How do I get the activation code?

    • Francis. I have Mac computers ,no windows program. Can you tell me can it be done with a Mac ?

    • Ok so I have signed up for block less and paid my $30. During my 7 day trial everything worked great but now that I have paid for it, it seems to have kicked me out of the US Netflix and onto the Canadian??? Any ideas. I’m not exactly computer smart so it’s probably an easy fix…..

      • Hey Adelee, has your problem fixed yet? If you’re on PC the first thing I’d recommend you do is login to your Blockless account and see if you need to refresh your IP (there would be a prompt saying click here to refresh your IP)

        If you don’t have that, let me know how many green checks you see at the top of Blockless (when you’re logged in) and I’ll troubleshoot it from there.

    • If I only wanted to watch one movie that was on American netflix, and let the 7 days run out, will it automatically charge me, or will I be okay without the cost?

      • Hey, you will not be charged. (Blockless doesn’t ask for any payment info for the trial… just your email)

        You can just use Blockless as a free 7 days of US Netflix then stop using it if you wish!

    • say that I have my Canadian IP address changed on my computer and set up the account with the blockless use the free trial what happens if I do not renew the account all does my IP address have to be changed manually back to the original thanks Robert

      • Hey Robert, if you do not upgrade after the trial you will no longer be able to use Blockless for US Netflix until you do. (So you’ll have to just remove the Blockless DNS)

    • as well with my other question of the IP address of not sure if it can be changed or how to do, its a galaxy 10 tablet thanks again robert

      • Hi Pam, are you sure you entered in the DNS correctly? I don’t believe Samsung Tablets are an officially supported Blockless device but it may work on it!

    • I have tried a number of time to hook up my Apple TV to the us netflix after initiating the Blockless IP addresses in the instructions for the PC but when I get the Network step in the Apple TV Blockless is suppose to show up and it’s not then Apple TV says it cannot connect to the internet? Can you help me out with this I have already sighted up for the monthly billing. Thanks again!!

    • Oh sorry the Apple TV keeps telling me I need to TEST THE NETWORK I’m not sure if that is relevant or not. Anyway I look forward to hearing from you !

      • Hey Karen, I replied to you a few days ago but it did not show up… sorry about that. Are you still having this issue?

    • I have tried doing this on my Samsung Blu Ray player but I get a bit lost, can you help me

      • Hey Heather, Blockless is currently having some major issues with Blu Ray players. Do you have any other device you could try it on?

      • Hey, typically it’s easier to setup on the device you’re watching Netflix on than your router. Which device are you watching on?

      • Hey Geese, no you will not. You can get American Netflix on your Canadian account with Blockless.

    • Hey! Do you know how to change the settings of “local area connection” on an old mac (Mac OS X 10.5.8)? And thanks for the tips!:)

    • Dumb question here but can I use the same blockless account on multiple devices within my home, i.e. Smart tv and ps3??

      • Sorry for the slow response. My comment section has been weird lately, I didn’t see your comment until now. The answer is yes. You can use it on as many devices as you’d like, for the same price.

    • Hi. Thanks I would LOVE to try but, I’m not receiving an email. I’ve put my password in but, nothing is happening ;(

      • You don’t need to receive an email, just login to your Blockless account and click on “Setup Guides” to get setup

    • hi what do I do next I have paid in full and have a green check marks but still get Canadian netflix

      • Hey Darrel, what device are you watching on? And are you sure it is Canadian Netflix? (When you seach for “Battlestar Galactica” does the new version show up?)

    • So I just go purchase a Roku streaming stick to be told by Blockless that because Roku does not have advanced settings I have to update DNS settings in the router?? Help! Please!

    • I’m Interested in Netflix HD and 3-D movies, available, i understand, only in the U.S. at the present time.

      Can you explain if and how I can make this work?

      At present, my Netflix Cda. account plays through my XBox One and XBox 360 (neither of which have 3D capabilities.)

      However the PS3 is 3-D capable (not the PS4); so i wonder if that is what I would need to have?

      Any other suggested solutions?

      Thanks for your assistance.

      (By the way, although I am 75 and no whiz at Internet set-ups, I managed to activate a Blockless connection on my Xbox One and it works perfectly. No 3-D listings, of course. Will try things out with a PS3.

      Going from Canadian Netflix to the U.S. version was rather like that sequence in “The Wizard of Oz” when Dorothy goes from a B&W Kansas to a technicolor Oz: so much choice, hundreds more movies and TV series!)

      • Sorry for the slow response. I have not been getting my email notifications for the comments here lately for some reason.

        I believe to get the 3-D options are still rolling out, so not even all of the US will get them. Apparently the 3-D and superHD movies are only available for compatible devices on US ISPs participating in Netflix’s Open Connect network. Hopefully in time it will expand to everyone and then we will be able to watch it.

        And good to hear! I think the best part about Blockless isn’t that you get US Netflix but you can change between both at anytime. (Without touching the DNS)

      • Sorry for the slow response. I have not been getting my email notifications for the comments here lately for some reason.

        Good to hear Darrell!

    • My Roku streaming stick will not work with Blockless unless I have an American address and credit card to get US Netflix. I have done all the other steps suggested by Blockless to no avail. I guess I will have to take the Roku back and I am asking what other device should I contemplate getting? Apple TV?? Suggestions please! Thank you

      • Sorry for the slow response. I have not been getting my email notifications for the comments here lately for some reason..

        If you truly cannot get your Roku to work an AppleTV should be a good replacement. They seem to have less issues overall compared to Rokus, as you can manually set the DNS in the AppleTV’s settings.

    • i just bought a smart t.v. so i can do all the setup on that????????
      Is the setup on my laptop a differnt setup.????
      So i only want to set up my t.v. can i do that????
      Thank You

      • Hey Jim, you first want to create a Blockless account. Then go to “setup guides” at the top and select “for a specific device” from there choose the device you’d like to set up on (such as your Smart TV) and follow the guide.

        You do need to set up on each individual device, so setting up on your PC will only set up your PC. But the guides on Blockless are pretty easy and straight forward to follow.

    • Hi, thanks for the info, I am excited to get going on US netflix and have configured and restarted my apple tv but no luck. i am still not getting a green check on the DNS section on my blockless acct. Then i tried reconfiguring the DNS on my airport express and restarting, still no luck. I’m a bit frustrated as I followed the instructions to a T! Any suggestions?

    • I have fibre op tv, and internet. I used the optiin to change everything in my house at once, via the router. Since ive done it, my tv has been flicking in and out, cconstantly reloading every 5 or so minutes. Is it connectes with me changing the codea?

      • Hi Courtney, that is un-usual. I’d recommend you take the DNS off your router and try setting it up on your individual devices. That may solve the issue. To access the setup guides for devices on Blockless:

        1) Login to your account.
        2) Click “setup guide” on the top.
        3) Click “for a specific device”
        4) Choose the device you watch Netflix on and set it up.

    • All I can say is WOW!!! I am a huge documentary/history fan. Canadian Netflix has 38 docs in the historical documentary sub-genre – with Blockless I get 134!!!! Thank you Jaxendale for your impressive and user-friendly website! I will definitely be telling everyone who has Canadian Netflix to go Blockless!

      • Hey Glen, glad it worked out for you. Don’t forget you can always change from US Netflix to UK Netflix (and other countries) by logging into your Netflix account and choosing a new country. Which could even get you access to even more documentaries (The UK version probably has some exclusives as well) you can change back to US/Canada at anytime.

    • We registered for blockless yesterday. Everything had gone well and now it will not connect back to American Netflix – it’s saying there’s an error. We tried everything it said on the website and even tried connecting it through our Samsung TV. Nothing is working. So far we have tried every solution that you have shared, and still nothing. Very disappointing. I’m sure you have a solution so I’m hoping you can help with this!

      • Hey Trish, I can do my best to troubleshoot your issue if you’re still un-able to connect.

        My first recommendation would be to login to your Blockless account and see if there’s anything regarding a need for an IP refresh. For it to work on your Samsung TV you should see 2/3 green checks when you login to Blockless.

        If you do have the 2 green checks and see nothing about needing an IP refresh, I’d next try doing a factory reset on the TV. (Restoring it to default settings), then entering in Blockless’s DNS again through the Samsung TV setup guide:

        And then trying out Netflix.

        Let me know how it goes.

    • to use it on all my devices in the house, do i use to set it up on my whole house/network or can i use the specific devices and do them all one by one?

      • Hi, you can do either or. You could set it up on your router to set it up on all devices in your network, but usually it’s just easier to setup the devices individually. (There’s no limit to how many devices you can watch on)

    • Hi,

      I travel a lot between my home in Ottawa and my mother’s home in Montreal. Would I be able to set up the account in both locations or would I need to have two separate accounts for each home? Thanks!!

      • Hi, you could definitely use one account. Just each time you travel to a new location, you’d have to login to your Blockless account and you’ll see a prompt to “refresh” your IP. This just lets Blockless know you’re at a new location and they authenticate you there.

    • Thanks for doing this. I am in Canada wanting the wider Netflix selection seen in the US. I joined Blockless then joined Netflix. I am hooking this up to Windows 7 on my laptop. Blockless keeps saying my IP is okay but my DNSs are wrong. I have done exactly what you said in the video to enter the right DNSs. I am only receiving Canadian Netflix selections, no Battlestar Galactica! The only thing I see in Blockless Help that relates at all is about clearing my DNS cache. It does not say why to do this. Is this what would make the right DNS settings kick in?

      • Hi there, if Blockless is detecting that your DNS is not setup properly then it’s not getting through to their servers to get you the US Netflix. Are you certain you entered the DNS in correctly? I’d double check, and if that doesn’t work. Try swapping the DNS.

    • Still trying to get US Netflix in Canada on a Windows 7 laptop.
      Tried swapping DNS 1 and 2 at your suggestion. No change, still only 2 green checkmarks.
      Could having signed up to Netflix with a .ca email be my problem?
      Been following Blockless’ Setup Guide precisely but there are a couple vague areas in it:
      -Step 6 says to ‘Uncheck the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)’ and check Version 4 below it
      -But the image for step 7 shows both 6 and 4 as checked.
      -Also, do we Validate Settings on Exit or ignore that?
      -Yes I do reboot after each try.

      Thanks so much!

    • I created an account and whenever I try to log in it says username or password is incorrect!?

    • when i get to the Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) part the properties button wont let me click on it…
      i get stuck there…what do i do!?!

      • Hi, sorry for the slow response. Are you an administrator on the computer you’re using?

    • Am in Canada, using Blockless for US Netflix content. Works great on my pc, but when we want to use it via the Wii console, we cannot access all of the same content that is available via my pc. Have triple checked all the Wii settings and we do get some of the US Netflix content but not all of it. Need help in how to update the Wii console along with Netflix? Or,… what’s the solution?

    • We have been trying for some time tonight to set up a trial. We have a lyncsys broadband wireless router. I follow the steps and I get two checkmarks and then I am told that my DNS is not hooked up properly. I have checked and rechecked the IP numbers and they are correct. Can you help? Thanks, Gloria

    • Hey. We have been trying for some time now to connect to us netflix through our Lyncsys wireless broadbent. We get two checkmarks and then it says that our DNS is not set up correctly. I have checked the numbers and they are correct. Can you help?? Thanks

      • Hi sorry for the slow response Gloria. I’d really recommend you set it up on your individual device. (Follow the setup guide for that device) usually it works a lot better to setup by device than the router.

    • Every time I go to watch a programme, it loads to 25% then stops. What do I do? It won’t let me watch anything.

    • I can’t get the US Netflix to work. Followed all instructions. When I click on the movie (battlestar) it says it can’t stream it.

    • Hi, i tried the 7 day free trial today. but whenever i triy to watch a show it gives me a “There was a problem loading title. try again” Used the DNS1 and 2. is there anything else im missing on the setup.?

    • I’ve done every steps on my ps4 but when i go on my blockless acount it keeps telling me that the DNS configuration is not set up correctly… Yet, I now have American Netflix… Everything works fine but it keeps telling me it’s not set up correctly.. What could be the problem ??

      • Hey Charles, the DNS configuration check refers to your PC only. So if you don’t have it setup to watch on PC it will say not configured. As long as it works on your PS4 you’re good to go!

      • Hi, i just finish following all the instructions with blockless but i’m having a hardtime to connect…. it keeps saying registering your computer on the network error 741: the local computer does not support the required data encryption type? any help please/ thank you! i’m using my laptop with a wifi with windows 7

    • Good evening !! I’m from Montréal, Canada (I’m not the best in English so Will try to use the best words to ex plain My problem) I entered the 2 DNS numbers in the wifi settings and i got My 3 Green checkmarks on your site. My problem is that i am able to watch kids movies but i a unable to watch movies in the “adult” section…it says that There was a error loading title details. Would you be able to help me ? I use a iPad. Many thanks in advance !! 🙂

    • I have a Samsung Chromebook which I have canadian netflix on can i get the american version on it. I don’t see a listing in the devices.

    • My trial worked for only 3 days and then netflix kept giving me the Error page, even when I used the other DNS #. But once I removed your numbers it would then open up but only in the Canadian netflix.

      • Hi, I assume you’re watching on PC. Here’s what I’d recommend you do. Set the DNS # then login to Blockless. Then see if there’s any kind of notice at the top along the lines of “Click here to refresh your DNS” – it should be a red X instead of a checkmark. That should fix the issue.

        Let me know.

        • It’s my ipad and did the above several tries did not work. Finally clicked on the IP Check and now it’s working 🙂 but missed out on at least 24 hrs of my trial time. But thanks for your help!

        • Hi Jaxendale, I spoke to you earlier this year when I was setting up my US Netflix account. Everything has been fine up until a few weeks ago. Now, I cannot get into my US Netflix. I am located in Ontario Canada… I did see something on the news relating to the CRTC & Netflix. Has this in fact affected my account?
          Please let me know… Thanks!

    • Hello, this is the first time I am trying to figure out how to watch Netflix in Canada. I have search website there are so many different ideas… I am confused which way to go. Right now, we have Canadian Netflix account and on we watch it on TV, not on computer. Our TV is link to Satellite and Internet. How to I convert the TV via internet to watch American version?

    • Hi, i just finish following all the instructions with blockless but i’m having a hardtime to connect…. it keeps saying registering your computer on the network error 741: the local computer does not support the required data encryption type? any help please/ thank you! i’m using my laptop with a wifi with windows 7

    • Hi, i just finish following all the instructions with blockless but i’m having a hardtime to connect…. it keeps saying registering your computer on the network error 741: the local computer does not support the required data encryption type? any help please/ thank you! i’m using my laptop with a wifi with windows 7

    • Hi,

      I have a Sony Blu-Ray and I am trying to set up the Blockless TV DSN codes. However, my blu-ray connection is wireless and the only way to change the DSN is under the “wired set up”. This isn’t working for me, can you help please?

    • i’ve been able to connect to the us netflix, i can watch sons of anarchy but i don’t have the new release like (neighbors,Noah) ? why??

    • i know this is an old post, but I had a question… how does this work with multiple devices at the sametime? will one run the US netflix(the blockless DNS) and the other will run the canadian netflix? (i.e. at someone’s house if you don’t want to change the location?)

      • Hey Johentie, I’ve actually never tested using it to watch both the US Netflix and Canadian Netflix simultaneously. My hunch is you’d be able to.

        Keep in mind, whenever you use Blockless at a new location (like a different house) you’ll have to re-authenticate it on the Blockless website to access the US Netflix.

        As for multiple devices, you can set it up on as many devices as you’d like.

    • I use Netflix (Canada) and am set-up for two users. Can we access Netflix (US) from multiple ip addresses? I would use mine to create the Blockless account. Thanks.

      • Hi, are you both under the same Wifi network? If yes – you’re fine.

        If no – it can still be done but basically every time you use Blockless in a new location you’ll have to re-authenticate on the Blockless website (just login to your account & it’ll prompt you to re-authenticate).

        So if it is a different wifi network as long as you re-authenticate on the website each time it should be fine.

    • Just wanted to chime in with my review after a few weeks of testing this..

      My wife and I have tried so many other ways to get the American version here in Ontario, from Unblock-us to Hola, Unotelly, Youtube videos, blogs, you name it… the problem is they all fizzle out after a while or they slow down your Netflix speed which is a big hassle.

      Bonnie and I setup Blockless a month ago. Setup wasn’t bad considering we’re not tech savy at all! The connection has been spot on so far, everything is super fast. It’s easy to change back to Canadian (for the odd show the states doesn’t have). And the best part… we haven’t had to touch our Apple TV or Wii since setting it up. It Just Works!!!!

      This has been a livesafer for us. I guess there’s that old saying, you get what cha pay for. Well you definitely get it with Blockless. Well well worth the $5 a month. Thanks for the guide, and have a good Canada Day!

      ~Peter & Bonnie

      • I’m glad to hear my guide helped Peter! Happy (early) Canada Day to you too. If you do run into any trouble in the future feel free to leave a comment on my site here. I’m here to help 🙂

    • Don’t know my admin info i am not the one who set up my computer when i bought it

      • Hey Diane, I’d recommend you setup for a “device” instead of the “network” – it’s much easier to do.

    • Blockless was so easy to use. Now enjoying American Netflix on our Sony Smart TV. We didn’t like Canadian Netflix very much and were going to cancel but decided to give Blockless a try first. The selection is way better for movies, TV series and documentaries. In addition there is a much better selection for newer releases. For $5 a month it is definitely worth it and we are definitely keeping Netflix now.

    • just change DNS settings to Manual and enter the right codes… no need for this.

      • Blockless is a DNS service. Unlike the random DNS codes you can find online, they are 100% safe, super fast and permanent (no need to ever replace them).

    • why would I let someone else into my computer by linking to their system? screw that!

    • I have set up a blockless account but I am so confused as to how to get on the US Netflix. Can someone please help this deparate mom that knows nothing about smart TV’s 🙂

    • I have a roku3 streaming device and am not sure it will allow me to change the dns settings, or at least I haven’t found the function to do that. Will this work with a roku3?

    • I had to switch back to Canadian and forgot the password I entered and have no access to the email provided is there any way to change the password without having to access the email

    • Hey there, I’ve signed up for Blockless and all of the countless shows are there which is great but when I try to browse movies it says ‘no matching tiles found’. Any suggestions?

      • Hello. If you go to the Setup Guides on Blockless you can choose whether to do it by device or by the network. In my experience, it’s a lot easier to just setup Blockless on the individual device.

    • I don’t believe you. The only way is to pay for a gateway. I think this is a con and could compromise my computer & info on it. I’m out.

      • Hi, Blockless is not a “con” and does not compromise your computer. In fact, you don’t even install anything. You’re simply using Blockless’s DNS numbers which tell websites or applications you use, where you are from.

        Blockless literally has 100,000s of customers around the world and has been around for years so once again it is not a “con”. If you need help let me know.

    • Hey Jax – some sites now are not coming up when I go to them is that because of the dns change? pages are saying SSL connection error. Pls help.

    • Hi Jax. I am already on Netflix here in Canada. I wanted to know if I get onto Netflix US will I have to pay anything more than I’m already paying?

    • I was reading some comments below from that seem to indicate I would not pay any more than what I’m already paying. However, you mentioned to someone that if you move to another house it will affect the service. Does that mean if I go on vacation I would not be able to access Netflix US? And if not, would my device switch back to Canadian Netflix on its own while on vacation?

      • Hello, sorry for the late response. Basically, you can use Blockless on any device at any location. But each time you do Blockless has to “re-authenticate” you there – to do this you just click a button while logged into your Blockless account.

    • I tried this and now my router will not connect to the internet. I lost all internet connection on my devices. Help!!

      • Hi sorry I have been away on vacation, any chance you figured out this issue? If not I can try to troubleshoot further

        • I figured it out but thanks for checking! Couldn’t get the American Netflix though..I’m not computer savvy so not to surprised 🙂 at least I have internet again.

    • We just tried to do it on our wii made it to the final step and now our Netflix channel won’t connect please help!!

    • We just tried to do it on our wii made it to the final step and now our Netflix channel won’t connect please help!!

      • Hi sorry I have been away on vacation, any chance you figured out this issue? If not I can try to troubleshoot further.

    • I need help this doesn’t work for my PS3 and I really want this sick of Canadian Netflix ! This is what it says for me!

      • Hi sorry I have been away on vacation, any chance you figured out this issue? If not I can try to troubleshoot further

    • Wanna free way to do this? just download cyber ghost It’s FREE! REALLY! no credit card or PayPal BS check it out. I’m not an employee just some guy.Your welcome.

    • How about google cast, I don’t see it in, will it be there soon, because right now when I try its not working, google cast stop it.

    • Configured for block less. Tried S of A and Blacklist. Both displayed episodes but when I hit play got message this episode not available for instant streaming–try another episode. This did not happen when I tried narcos–available in Canada

    • Hey Jax, I am in Ontario and use TIVO, which has Canadian Netflix – is there anyways to use this on TIVO rather then on computer?

    • So from my understanding this only works on one network at a time. Now I use my Netflix at two diffrwnt addresses if I sign up can we still watch the Canadian netflix on my work network while using block less account on my home network at the same time?

    • It dont fucking work my netflix worked for 3 days now it wont connect to internet every time i try to sign in it doesnt work swnds me back to start

    • the instructions were great for setting up the blockless thank-you 🙂

      When I am setting up an account for netflix it is asking for a zip code….is there any way to by pass this?


      • No problem. And actually you do need to make a US Netflix account to get US Netflix. You can get it on your Canadian account as long as you use a service like Blockless.