Netflix Canada | A Complete Guide to American Netflix | August 2016

How To Get American Netflix in Canada – Easy Setup Guide

Today I’m going to show you how to get American Netflix and every country’s Netflix in Canada. It’s easy to do and will unlock 8000 new shows on your Canadian Netflix account! 🙂

How Do I Get American Netflix in Canada?

 To get US Netflix in Canada all you need is a Blockless account.

How Do I Get a Blockless account?

Click here to open Blockless in a new window. Create your account on their homepage.

After your account is created follow their setup guide for your device (Apple TV, Xbox, PS3, Wii, PC, Smart TV… whatever you use) then you’re done!

That’s all I need to get American Netflix?

Yep. That’s really all you need! Just a..

  • Canadian Netflix account.
  • Blockless account.
  • Few minutes to follow the setup guide.

What is Blockless?

Blockless is a tool that’s used by 10,000s of Canadians every month to get USA Netflix and other blocked services here in Canada. It’s very simple to setup, easy as putting 2 codes into your device’s settings.

Isn’t Netflix cracking down on these services? Is it safe to use?

Although it is true Netflix has started  cracking down on similar services, Blockless does still work for many people and not only works for unblocking US Netflix, but also Hulu, Pandora and other services.

How does Blockless get me US Netflix?

I know this can seem confusing, but here’s the most basic way to put it:

All Netflix accounts are the same. US, Canada, UK, any country! They’re all the same.

Netflix just determines which shows you get to watch based on where you’re connecting to Netflix from. (So that means even if you created your Netflix account in the US and came back to Canada, you would NOT have US Netflix)

This is where Blockless comes in – Blockless tricks Netflix into thinking you are connecting to them from the USA. This gives you full access to the Netflix USA content. Plus with Blockless you can switch to up to 29 other regions for even more shows & movies. To switch to another country’s Netflix, just follow the Blockless setup guides and select the country while logged into your Blockless account.


How do I know if I’m on American Netflix?

To know if you’re on American Netflix, search for the show “Sons of Anarchy” – if Sons of Anarchy shows up, you’re on American Netflix! It’s a pretty good series by the way, I recommend it. One of my favourite on US Netflix.


Can I switch back to Canadian Netflix?

Yep you can. Blockless lets you access almost every country’s version of Netflix in the world. You can change it back and forth in a few clicks while logged into their site.

Is this legal to do in Canada?

I’m not a lawyer and can’t give legal advice, but you can read this article by a Canadian Law Professor on the topic. It’s 100% legal to watch US Netflix according to him. Millions of Netflix users around the world use VPNs and Smart DNS tools (which Blockless is) without putting their Netflix account at risk.

Is Blockless the best way to get US Netflix?

Before I used Blockless to get US Netflix, I was doing it another way with random DNS numbers I found online. The problem with those is my Netflix connection would die every 3 days and they would only work on certain devices (like a PC). Since I’ve switched to Blockless, Netflix just works. I haven’t had to touch anything after the initial set up which is great. For that alone, Blockless is worth the $5 a month after the trial.

Blockless literally makes your life less stressful. Don’t forget it’s free to sign up & try Blockless – they don’t even ask for your credit card. Try them out for free and if you don’t like it, there’s nothing to cancel. I looked into Blockless extensively and they’ve been around since 2012 and have 100,000s of customers so they definitely can be trusted.

How do I get US Netflix again?

To get started watching American Netflix click here to open up Blockless. Create an account and just follow their simple setup guides for your device. Setup literally takes under 5 minutes per device, you’ll be on US Netflix in no time!

Did this guide help you?

If it did please consider sharing this website with other Canadians bv clicking the Share button below. This is something all Canadians should know about, as American Netflix is something we all deserve to watch. Feel free to leave a comment if you get stuck, I will do my best to help.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy American Netflix! 🙂



Hi, I'm a 20 year old from Nova Scotia. I created this guide to help spread the word to more Canadians how easy it is to get American Netflix. If you need help leave a comment below, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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  • Hi, Blockless is not a “con” and does not compromise your computer. In fact, you don’t even install anything. You’re simply using Blockless’s DNS numbers which tell websites or applications you use, where you are from.

    Blockless literally has 100,000s of customers around the world and has been around for years so once again it is not a “con”. If you need help let me know.

  • Hey Jax – some sites now are not coming up when I go to them is that because of the dns change? pages are saying SSL connection error. Pls help.

  • Hi Jax. I am already on Netflix here in Canada. I wanted to know if I get onto Netflix US will I have to pay anything more than I’m already paying?

  • I was reading some comments below from that seem to indicate I would not pay any more than what I’m already paying. However, you mentioned to someone that if you move to another house it will affect the service. Does that mean if I go on vacation I would not be able to access Netflix US? And if not, would my device switch back to Canadian Netflix on its own while on vacation?

    • Hello, sorry for the late response. Basically, you can use Blockless on any device at any location. But each time you do Blockless has to “re-authenticate” you there – to do this you just click a button while logged into your Blockless account.

  • I tried this and now my router will not connect to the internet. I lost all internet connection on my devices. Help!!

    • Hi sorry I have been away on vacation, any chance you figured out this issue? If not I can try to troubleshoot further

      • I figured it out but thanks for checking! Couldn’t get the American Netflix though..I’m not computer savvy so not to surprised 🙂 at least I have internet again.

  • We just tried to do it on our wii made it to the final step and now our Netflix channel won’t connect please help!!

  • We just tried to do it on our wii made it to the final step and now our Netflix channel won’t connect please help!!

    • Hi sorry I have been away on vacation, any chance you figured out this issue? If not I can try to troubleshoot further.

  • I need help this doesn’t work for my PS3 and I really want this sick of Canadian Netflix ! This is what it says for me!

    • Hi sorry I have been away on vacation, any chance you figured out this issue? If not I can try to troubleshoot further

  • Wanna free way to do this? just download cyber ghost It’s FREE! REALLY! no credit card or PayPal BS check it out. I’m not an employee just some guy.Your welcome.

    • Hello, yes you need some version of Netflix. Basically Blockless is not affiliated with Netflix in any way, they are just the middleman.

  • How about google cast, I don’t see it in, will it be there soon, because right now when I try its not working, google cast stop it.

  • Configured for block less. Tried S of A and Blacklist. Both displayed episodes but when I hit play got message this episode not available for instant streaming–try another episode. This did not happen when I tried narcos–available in Canada

  • Hey Jax, I am in Ontario and use TIVO, which has Canadian Netflix – is there anyways to use this on TIVO rather then on computer?

  • So from my understanding this only works on one network at a time. Now I use my Netflix at two diffrwnt addresses if I sign up can we still watch the Canadian netflix on my work network while using block less account on my home network at the same time?

  • It dont fucking work my netflix worked for 3 days now it wont connect to internet every time i try to sign in it doesnt work swnds me back to start

  • the instructions were great for setting up the blockless thank-you 🙂

    When I am setting up an account for netflix it is asking for a zip code….is there any way to by pass this?


    • No problem. And actually you do need to make a US Netflix account to get US Netflix. You can get it on your Canadian account as long as you use a service like Blockless.

  • Hello… i have a question please. Im using netflix using roku tv and wondering how can i use the us netflixin roku… does it possible? Thank you so much and have a great day everyone

    • Hi, Rokus do not have DNS settings (which is the easy way to set it up). It is still possible to get Blockless to work on them, but you have to set it up through your router which takes a little more technical knowledge.

      • Is there somewhere I can get the information for this? I do not want to have to drag my laptop around and hook it up to the TV when I really access Netflix through my DVD player.

      • Ours is not Rokus. It is a Sony DVD player with streaming capabilities. We have one on each TV. SO I think we will need to set it up at the router.

  • Hi, this might be a weird question but here it goes…I live with a friend and will be running Netflix through my Xbox One (which is hard weird, WiFi is terrible) when I reset the DNS it is only through my Xbox One right, it doesn’t affect his network at all?

    • Yep you got it right. If you setup the DNS on the Xbox One – it’s only on the Xbox One. You can set it up for the entire network by going through the router, but I advise against it unless you have to because it’s a little more technical.

  • Or you could use hola unblocker which is completely free, and even gives you a free VPN when your watching so Netflix doesn’t get butthurt.
    Hola unblocker for android iOS and chrome(extension).

  • I’d like to set this up on my router because I use multiple devices for netflix in different rooms in the house, Is there an easy way to turn it on/off though, I also use an xbox for gaming and want to ensure I get put on servers close with good connection speeds.

  • Just came across this page, sounds great! Questions though…we have 3 TV’s , 2 smart, in our house, and we use Shaw Gateway for all TV’s. 1) 1 TV I run into my stereo receiver and push sound to full surround sound. Will I have to connect to netflix with the blue ray player and then send the video through the receiver to the TV? If I connect with the TV itself then sound will only be out the TV, correct? 2) Another TV (regular 50″ flatscreen) has the DVD player that I think has the netflix option on it. So the DVD connects to netflix and sends both audio and video to the TV? 3) The 3rd smart TV is also connected to a blue ray player. It will in the future be connected via a stereo receiver. I also want to connect my Mac to the receiver so online video will play out my TV. Will this TV get netflix? I am reading about only 1 thing/network at a time can use netflix and I’m not 100% sure what this means. Can I get netflix on all 3 TV’s and my Mac? Can netflix be viewed on 2 TV’s at the same time watching different shows? This is all very new to me, have never used netflix. All this chat about DNS’s is a bit confusing. I think I am signing up for my free Canadian month tonight. Like the idea of using Blockless to get the US programs. Thanks a ton in advance for your help!!!

  • I had it last night on my ps3 and now today it’s gone… I have 6 days left with blacklist can u help me with this I done everything as I done yesterday and still nothing

  • Hi jax I never tried it before but I got a message saying that my account is expired … I would like to try out first can you please help me with that ?

  • Hi Jax

    I’m trying to sign up for blockless but it keeps asking for my login info before I’ve even had a chance to sign up. I’ve tried on my iPhone and my laptop with the same results. Any ideas?

  • Hello Jax my name is Amanda I did everything the Guide but it’s still not working can u plz help me thanks

    • Netflix has now cracked down on this – so blockless will no longer work as of about the first of March 2016.

  • I am now using HMA and as of the first of March, Netflix is no longer allowing me to use it, as they have cracked down on this.

    Netflix now gives me the following message when I try to open anything outside of Netflix Canada:

    Whoops, something went wrong
    Netflix Streaming Error
    You seem to be using and unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these devices and try again. For more help visit
    Error Code: N8106-154-5059

    Will Blockless work?

  • Netflix is flagging Datacenters, and eventually all are going to be labeled as proxies. I have started this as a final solution. Netflix wont be able to stop it. I am currently in alpha tests, soon I will send invitations to people who register. Its going to be free.

  • Hi, the Blockless website is showing that I am in the USA region but then also shows that my identity is still in Canada. I tested this with Netflix and it appears I am right as I cannot access the USA content despite being in the USA region. Blockless’ customer support has not been helpful at all as they just blame Netflix for this issue but the problem is clearly with Blockless itself. Can I get a suggestion for this problem?

  • Hi I am Canadian Netflix subscriber (from Montreal) I’ve just tested the Blockless App on a android device. Blockless does allow me to get a US IP address. However Netflix blocks the streaming access. This service DOES NOT WORK FOR NETFLIX as of June 7th 2016.

    Thank you

    • All working August 2016 mate :). StronVPN is the company now to go with. Didn’t want to add a non-permanent solution, so I’ve added what will be the best for years to come.